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Thoughts about conscience, honor, thankfulness


What am I thinking about? About conscience, honor, thankfulness …

I’d like to start the new morning with the word «Thank you»

Many thanks to Ксения Липчанская. Shampoo is in stock)

Thanks to Анатолий Лысенко and Елена Макидо, for the opportunity to relax for our girls-volunteers)

Thank you, Ira! Pillows and boots are already issued)

Let every morning be good for you!

News from the house on Dmitrievskaya st

I have not talked about how our house lives for a long time...

I correct this mistake.

So …

We received a parcel from the wonderful Elena Lola!!!

And there are beautiful children's clothes and brand new toys! I barely pulled moms from the pack with puppets 🙂

This little ginger dressed up, and of course Milana got a present!

We will continue to distribute new clothes tomorrow. There is someone …

We settled 13 people just this week. 5 of them are children.

Our mother Tanya with three kids moved to the modular houses! Thanks very much to the employees of our CESS for help in the settlement and moving!

She likes it very much, she says, a large kitchen, it is a pity onky there is no oven, she would bake pies every day! She is grateful to Timofeeva Natalia for a stroller for Lisa, because the old one completely broke.

Tell you a secret that the stroller that stayed at us, the wizard Сергей Алексеев repaired, and our Ginger goes to doctor consultations not by mother now, and by a stroller 🙂

Mama Alina with twins were discharged from the hospital and went too ... But a month later they need consultation of specialists again, so we’ll sure see them.

And also, our Mila and Milana are becoming independent too. We helped them to find their own separate housing, found the missing furniture, Julia Sokoloffa, thanks for the bed!!!

Mila is little afraid to move at all, and every day comes to visit us. She says that here is her house …

There is no apartment’s photos yet, but I have already been invited to the housewarming, as soon as everything will be ennobled there. Be sure I’ll tell you and show everything to you 🙂

Of course, we have tried to give them everything they need. The only thing that there is no there, it's a bath for baby girl. If someone has an unnecessary one, share, please!!! We have one, it remained in the house for those who live there. And the girls need their own very very much!

In short, that are all the news.

We welcome everyone who wants to visit us on a spark as always! 🙂

Gift day


Good morning.

And once again about the gifts 🙂

Yesterday was such a day. Gift Day.

Gifts were brought to us, we prepared gifts.

What we did until late at night – let it be a surprise yet. And it will be better if Bee Юлия Александровна Пименова tells this. But what were gifted to us – I’ll tell you.

There are warm clothes and shoes in a warehouse already and they are waiting for their owners. A faithful friend of SK — Irochka! Thank you very much for what you and your family do for the people. Your contribution can not be overstated.

Low bow for the regular help, an open heart and an incredible modesty!

And we have received one more, very important gift from Вера Собко and Анна Ярославцева. Insulin syringes.

1800 syringes! It might seem like a lot! But there are even more people who need them, unfortunately.

Verochka and Anya, thank you very much! Part of the syringes will be handed out at us, and part would go into the districts where people have no opportunity to buy such much-needed item for them.

Thanks to all who help. Thanks to you, and we hold on, we do not be discouraged and do not pay attention to fatigue. Peace and joy!

A few stories


«Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today — a gift of fate»

I want to tell you a few stories today 🙂

The first story is about the Kharkov children.

A fund to support the combatants in the ATO area and IDPs was created in one of the high schools of Kharkov. It was created by pupils and even has a name — «Children of Ukraine».

Twelve-years children gather aid for those who left their homes and had to look for a peaceful heaven in our city. The guys bring and convey to us that they are able to find — notebooks and albums, shoes, clothes, toys and backpacks, pasta and markers ...

Guys – you are our future, which is already a great gift today! Thank you very much! Мария Кошкина

Second Story

Olga. Olga Pischel

The idea to send children who survived the horrors of war, to relax, to visit Europe conceived in the spring. Thank Кира Джафарова and Рындина Надежда (I sent to Germany that your kids photos. Your pictures were able to pass a whole bunch of feelings that we experienced, seeing the eyes of the children who came from the ATO area.) Thanks to Olya, three groups of children visited Germany in the summer. But the story is not over. Olya helped to gather and send us a lot of the necessary — wheelchairs, bed linen, toys, shoes, clothes, dishes, and very, very much that people need. Olechka, thank you very much!

And some statistics.

Now we keep counts of appealed persons (including) and in 5 districts of Kharkiv region.

Since 10 to 23 of September 742 families appealed. Of these, 253 families – newcomers, these are 504 persons, 418 of them — in Kharkov, 86 — in districts.

These figures give hope 🙂 Peace and all good to everyone!

Kostik and a bicycle

Kostik and a bicycle. Thanks again to the giver and to everyone who helped to put togrther.

It is almost impossible to catch Kostik into a frame. He is very focused and constantly busy studying sophisticated сonstructors, looking sullenly and saying something under his breath. After Kostik believed that the machine is to him, he took the largest teddy bear and jumped with him on the mat. Then he set up the cups and watered everybody with tea. And then our Kostik started to speak, met a new friend Yegor and spent two of the most cheerful and noisy hours in our Children's room.
Almost the entire station put the bicycle together for a long time. Our expert on the computers, mother, Lyudmila... All has turned out. We are waiting for Kostik to visit.

"And that words made up warm my soul... "

I've just had call from Anya, she resettled from Novotoshkovka, I wrote about her yesterday that they move to the apartment.

She said she did not expect that it can be ... Thanks for everything!

Helene VinnikЯн Здановский, give these words to the good fairy!

Anya said I was too shy to ask you a pillow, a blanket, a frypan ... but they gave us everything !!!

In general, two beds were transformed into many necessary and useful things they could not afford  for a long time here. That doesn't mean they do not do anything, just today it is very difficult for everybody unfortunately... It's difficult for city people and for those who came.

But as the saying goes, east or west, home is best! And for those who left with nothing… you know everything, friends.

And today I've met Sasha, our champion. I gave him sneakers, copybooks, pens, rulers and your present Окси Ксана.

Girls, Анастасия Бондаренко and Анна Тимофеева, thank you!!

He said he will never forget ... you know, he said it so that I believe ... he said he will a little more matured, and will return everything with a hundredfold.

And that words made up warm my soul. And now, I'm writing this and I can just smiling)))


Thanks for You

Many thanks to the guys from the store «Оринго» and Анна Прокопенко; to the store «Чудо Остров» for a discount on stationery; to Dima for the Box with everything; to Assistant company and it's chief Igor Ursoy for timetables and to staff for books on the school curriculum; to the friends of Анжелика Ибр for samples of writing and visual aids for training, patriotic wreaths and ribbons! To TIM company for stationery.

And to many people else for notebooks, uniforms, books, diaries, colored paper! Thanks to you, the children of junior classes get stationary sets by September 1!

Thanks to everyone for the 1st of September!

It has been a distribution of the school sets for first-graders.

Thanks to everyone who has responded.

Thanks to everyone from the children and their parents! These smiles are to you! Kharkiv — you're the best city!