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Second stage of cooperation with MobiDev. Thank you!


Many thanks to MobiDev for the invaluable help!!! The second stage of our cooperation passed! 19 families received help! It was purchased acutely necessary medicines, food, and much more...

We were able to help the mother with two kids (father dropped and returned to Lugansk) for rental housing. We helped to a woman with cancer from Kharkov to buy medicines.

We bought to the daughter of the deceased soldier a sedative (nervous breakdown after the funeral of her father.)

We bought a lot of medicines for children with special needs!!!

We bought to the reserve soldier-displaced person-orphan the restored drugs.

We sent a mother with cancer of 6-year-old girl to Kiev for treatment.

We bought a high-calorie and nutritious food, which a man with throat cancer have not seen for a year! His wife sobbed with happiness ...

Their dinner is cheese and butter ...

We gave people something even more important than money ... We showed them that they are not alone with their troubles. We are close, we are together! And together it is not so scary. Especially that together we are strong!

Thanks very much MobiDev!!! For the rays of hope in people's eyes!

Huge thanks to Frizman!


Many thanks to company Frizman! Natasha and Anyutka, how much joy the women obtain when they tried on their new clothes!!! Throwing out all their sorrows, they posed as models. And our girls from warehouse rejoiced too ... They were glad that they were able for a moment made so many people happy ... And thanks for pillows and most importantly — for the idea to bring to work the displaced people A young boy Yukhim lives at our the hostel... He was deported from Russia ... While all his documents are drawn up again, he is not sitting idly by.He stuffs pillows in exchange for honestly earned money ... By the way, the message of our pillows had spread across Kharkov and region :)The idea is that after Yukhim stuffed pillows, my Anna had to take them to the workshop, where girls are sewing up a small space through which the pillows are filled ... But for now, no pieces got to the workshop yet 🙂 people carries with gratitude, happily reporting that they will sew up themselves:) Part of pillows went to Chuguev, part was «blurred» by Kharkov:) Yukhim continues to work:) All in business ... Kharkovites, you are the best !!!

There are people behind every good deed


It seems only on the part that everything is fast, easy and of itself. But there are plenty of heroes in every such event.

For example:

1. Ukrainians from the American city Rochester (NY) financed the purchase of 20 new baby strollers. Many thanks to everyone, really miss you!

2. Inga, thank you for the gathering of preliminary information.

3. Jana, thank you very much for your help in the organization of the procurement process and in general for everything.

4. Many thanks to our permanent assistants in delivery and transportation of goods — Dmitriy, Sergey and Sergey, the driver. And, of course, thanks to Novaya pochta!

5. Olga and everyone who takes part in the process of issuing — thank you for your work!

P.S. Strollers will go to those who had already registered for them.

Thanks for the continued support and assistance


Thanks very much for the continued support and assistance to our friends from Germany Thomas Schiemann and Lyudmila Людмила Шумейко!

Now we have a lot of children's tights and diapers !!!

Thanks a lot to Кира Джафарова and her beautiful daughter for help and support to "Station Kharkov "! And for the delivery of valuable cargo!

And yet, yes! Together — we are strong!

Thanks for helping us


Another crazy day began with the picture, which still affects me deeply: people who after all this time continue to help, bring, bring, transmit ...

Today we met a large German delegation, we have missed the half an hour allotted to us, but we tried as best we could to tell about our SK.

Do you know how the eyes of these dear people are widen, when we took them to the grocery store and proudly say, «All that you see — it was gave by ordinary people, our, foreign, but just people who care.»

Thank you all!


Help from UNICEF Ukraine


Today was a busy day! We got a lot of help! We began morning with our friends and partners UNICEF Ukraine! We’ve got 120 big sets for children of migrants! There's a lot of cool stuff for all ages! These are the books and educational games and words and games … And so much more !!! We issued these kits where there is too little help, and where it is more difficult to survive for the resettlers than in the host city — in the region.

The visit took place a little earlier than it was planned 🙂 , but we Olga Klimovska and her colleague turned f cool «rapid response team» !!! Thanks very much for the prompt delivery and patient waiting to the driver!

And of course thanks very much to our not numerous but responsive men from SK for help in unloading, you are our everything!

Calls, delegations, warm clothes from Nigerian students


And this day went like a minute. The work, meetings, delegations, work, people, people, people … and endless calls … I want to have a new ringtone … This little jogs me and all those around me… I’m writing and smile 🙂 while I was writing these 5 sentences they called me 4 times 🙂

Today I met with students from Nigeria! They gathered and brought us warm clothes for migrants! They are cool, and people’s pain hurts them … Our people’s pain. And Юлія Конотопцева and I held a tour at the SK for them … We looked at the English lesson for kids … and exchanged a few words in English with native speakers … kids liked it.

We have parted as good friends, and decided to spend the day of the Nigerian culture for those who want later! 🙂

Here's a day ... It was so much more … Something was even insulting … Well that is LIFE!

Thanks to Obi Ojimadu and all the guys !!!

It can’t be too much thanks


It can’t be too much thanks, yeah ?

Thank you very much for your support and such necessary things! It's pleasant when people are happy, it's pleasant when you can help ... But the most important «pleasantness» — to know that our city, our country and other countries are united in such a terrible time. They say the truth: «The world is one for good people!» We get help from residents of neighboring houses and from residents of the neighboring continents … From grandmothers who bring things by «kravchuchka» and from a ladies coming by the elite cars … And believe, it is equally valuable! So they trust us and we do the right things!

Thank you all, my dear friends! And yet, yes! Together — we are force!

P.S . People on the photo — three of the thousands of those who help us! Thank you!

Thanks for warm clothes


Thanks very much to everybody warm clothes!!! It was a miracle! From the many and they were very useful for us !!! We have that we can please people! Hooray! Thanks to all indifferent!

And yet, yes! Strength in unity!



Thanks to Czech Republic


Thanks to Czech Republic for so necessary things to many people — crutches and sticks!
Special thanks to Station «Kharkov» for the mass of the applied forces, that this necessary help got to those who need it!