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Briefing about the results of «Station Region» project


On the 30-th of November in Kharkov Crisis Infocentre (the press center «Parallel», Ivanova st., 7/9) a

briefing on the results of the mobile teams work (legal, psychological counseling and monitoring of IDPs

problems in the Kharkov region) was held within the project «Station Region» with the support of

UNHCR Ukraine — Aгентство ООН у справах біженців в Україні

These persons told about the project:

• Aslak Sulumsmuen, Head of Field Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees UN in Kharkov

• Alice Venevtseva, coordinator of the project «Station Region»

• Olga Averina, a lawyer-consultant of the project «Station Region»

«Station Region» is a project with the support of UNHCR, implementation period is July, 1 – December,

31, 2015. 1 regional unit in Izyum is supported and opened 4 units in Balakleya, Barvenkovo, Kupyansk

Nodes, Chuguev are opened. Each of the units provides informational, legal, psychological consultations

and humanitarian assistance to IDPs.

The total number of consultations at 11/24/2015 amounted to 27749. Monitoring research on the topic

«Discrimination of IDPs» is also carried out on each of the units currently, the results of which will be

announced in late December.

3 mobile teams work on the basis of the units — Izyum, Chuguev, Kharkov. Chuguev started on July, 9.

Izyum – July, 22,. Kharkov – September, 1st. There is a lawyer and a psychologist in each team.

Following the results of the mobile teams:

Covered districts of the Kharkov region: 27

Covered settlements — 241 (154 unique units) in the Kharkov region, 2 in Donetsk region.

The number of carried visits — 178.

Number of consultations — 1120 legal and 651 psychological (on 11/30/2015)

The rest is on the video.