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Station of Smile. It's just the beginning


The presentation of the Center of support and adaptation of IDP's children with special needs was today.

We prepared this project for a long time, and then a mountain of force majeure dropped on us , due to which the start was delayed and delayed, but we fought and broke through: the project recieved a new manager, the heating in the premises is switched on, it is comfortable and a lot of children's smiles have been kindled. This is just the beginning — today we became acquainted, made out the applications, recognized the need, caressed the charming red-haired rabbit, eated snacks, watched the presentation, played with balloons, secretly wiped tears while listening to incredible, but unfortunately took place, history, smiled, delighted, surprised. ...

Today we met wonderful kids: smart, kind, polite, talented ... Among our younger guests there were also athletes and geeks and polyglots, dancers, needlewoman, artists and those who have not found their creative spark yet, and we will try to help them with this ... We met wonderful parents: wise, steadfast, strong, loving …

This is just the beginning — we have six months of the project ahead we will try to help young participants to develop their potential, find friends, become healthier and happier, and their families to rebuild their lives in a new place for this period.

About that, how we are going to do it you can learn from this presentation https://goo.gl/eBDlmo 

The project still has places, you can pre-register by filling out the form at the link: https://goo.gl/FWO3zp

Children with disabilities from 6 to 18 years from the families of internally displaced persons could take part in the project.

Please do not delay registration indefinitely — we begin a rather intense program this week.

And now, thanks to all, thanks to whom we have this project and today's meeting was held: our partners and donors: Ukrainian fund «Wellbeing of the children», Kinderhilfswerk ChildFund Deutschland, Tatyana Basyuk, and Tatiana Homutynina;

Project Manager Evgeniy Strukov, administrator Lyudmila Seluyanova, massage therapist Eugene and Nelly Klyueva, who met our guests. Thanks to Alla Feshenko and the most welcoming hostess Barbara, thanks to which we have the premises, Pavel Mozul, Tatyana Dobray and Maria Dorokhina, who helped bring it into order. Thanks to our hotline represented by Gukalov Leonid, Filatova Inna and Nelly Kliueva for telephone calls and the invitation of the participants. Oksana Pavlyuk for assistance in preparing the project. Thanks to excellent Ryndina Nadejda and Irina Koloskova for support, toys and a good mood.


And further. Our project has an official name. It is, as so often, long and uncomfortable: «Social adaptation and rehabilitation of children and youth with special needs among the internally displaced persons.» We really want this project become a new Station in the network of Station Projects, we can not decide how exactly it should be called «Station of Smile,» «Friendship Station», «Station of Support»? We are grateful for your ideas!