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Calls, delegations, warm clothes from Nigerian students


And this day went like a minute. The work, meetings, delegations, work, people, people, people … and endless calls … I want to have a new ringtone … This little jogs me and all those around me… I’m writing and smile 🙂 while I was writing these 5 sentences they called me 4 times 🙂

Today I met with students from Nigeria! They gathered and brought us warm clothes for migrants! They are cool, and people’s pain hurts them … Our people’s pain. And Юлія Конотопцева and I held a tour at the SK for them … We looked at the English lesson for kids … and exchanged a few words in English with native speakers … kids liked it.

We have parted as good friends, and decided to spend the day of the Nigerian culture for those who want later! 🙂

Here's a day ... It was so much more … Something was even insulting … Well that is LIFE!

Thanks to Obi Ojimadu and all the guys !!!