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Our tireless mobile team


Our tireless mobile team «won» the distant settlements this week, such as Olshany (11/16), Dvurechnaya (11/17), Grushevka (11/18), Kruglyakovka (11/19) and Tokarevka (11/20). This time, impulses to the flattery of village councils slightly faded. I will not name a specific village, where local authorities have almost no interest in the life of displaced persons, I think that reports of our mobile group and will give clear picture about everything. The honor and praise to other for not indifference and understanding of the people who fled from the terrible war in the east of our country.

We will not spend too much time for the subject who is good, who is bad, and we also will not go into the details of everyday problems of our compassionate displaced persons, and I'll better try to explain the entertaining bill number 3171, which was adopted in the first reading on November 5. By the way, that is good news, neither more nor less of 2/3 of the deputies of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine voted for the above-mentioned bill.

And so, what changes are coming to the Civil Procedural Code of Ukraine. Many internally displaced persons faced with the problem of establishing the fact of birth or death of persons in the temporarily occupied territories of the country. Some people do not know what to do in order to obtain the relevant document, while others do not want to deal with such questions in court, because I think that is not a secret for anybody, but it is at least costly for people who have not so much the money, and as a maximum it takes too long, because the case may vary from two to three months, and with all this it is not the fact that the decision will be positive. And so it turns out that the person was born or died at Donbas or Crimea, go and prove that this fact was really present.

With the new changes, the corresponding judicial procedure will take 24 hours, but it is worth noting the fact that this period will probably be edited and will take from two to five days since the reception of the application by the court. Also interesting is that the displaced person may apply to any court of Ukraine from now; the main thing is that this court is at controlled territory.

It is important to remember also that, according to the above-mentioned draft law, the application on the establishing the fact of birth of the person in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine may be filed by parents, relatives, their representatives, or other legal representatives of the child in any court outside this territory of Ukraine, regardless of the place of residence of the applicant.

A lot of importance is the fact that the copy of the judgment is issued to the applicant without delay if he was attended the meeting at the time of announcement of the above-mentioned decision, in another case, the court sent to the body of civil registration at the place of determining of the appropriate solution for the state registration of birth or death. Such decision must be executed immediately; it will also facilitate the life of IDPs.

I should mention that the problem of establishing the fact of birth and death of persons on the temporarily occupied territories was interested to internally displaced persons for a long time and it is relevant to the present moment, because the bill №3171 is not finally adopted yet. Indefinitely litigation and constant problems with the necessary documents for making a fair solution are very weary citizens, but to this day such fact can be establish only by the courts, and t is good, that the above Bill is trying to solve the urgent problem. Of course the text of the law will still be edited, the questions remain yet, as I mentioned above, about the maturity examination, that they will be real for the performance and the range of people is not strictly defined, but I have no doubt that it will be bring to mind, and in the end, for the second reading, we will see the executed work and will be able to appreciate it.

This time, I want to mention the work of the psychologist of our mobile team, who helped the displaced man to find peace of mind and build a dream. We met this man at Dvurechnaya, which we visited not for the first time, he was spilling gratitude for the psychological help in the previous visit. After such cases, it can be said that our mobile team visits are not useless and are the real support for internally displaced persons.

The next week we will start from Zmiev and Pervomaisk (11/23), and will continue at Krasnopavlovka and Lozovaya (11/24), and villages Getmanovka and Yagodnoe (11/25), Tavolzhanka (11/26) and the week will be end by Sahnovschina and Komsomolsk (11/27).


Meeting at the «Chuguev» station


A small digression from the theme of our mobile group visits to the settlements of Kharkov region, but it is still about suffering migrants. I want to talk about the arrival on the 20-th of October to the Center of support and advice for the internally displaced persons “Station Chuguev” which is based on city district public organization “Chuguevskaya Human Rights Group,” of representatives of various volunteer groups and tireless activists from all over Ukraine.

Upon arrival, guests were met by the head of the Chuguev human rights group — Likhachev Roman Borisovich, he held a small tour for them, both in the building and a kind of tour about the activities of Chuguev human rights groups. Then he gave the floor to Likhacheva Margarita on organizational matters of Station Chuguyev; to Bychenko Anton, our lawyer at Station Chuguev; to Nikishina Marina, our psychologist in place; and I tried to talk about our mobile team work. It is also worth noting Iryna Serdyuk, which provides advice for internally displaced persons on common issues.

The activists arrived, as they say to show themselves and to look at others. The aim of the visit was to exchange the experience certainly, the desire to find out how the problematic issues resolved in our region, which is so near to the area of anti-terrorist operation as it possible, because only Kharkov region borders with Luhansk and Donetsk region. Of course, the volunteers were not silent too, they asked questions, strongly shared their experiences and the experiences of other cities, where they have already visited before us. In fact, the arrival of the activists to «Station Chuguyev» was chosen not by chance, because our organization shows a decent level in the provision of free primary legal assistance and psychological care for internally displaced persons, and I am not afraid of these words it is a leader in its field.

After the visit, the volunteers were very satisfied, they invited us to a further exchange of experience, in turn, we reciprocated them and presented them brochures and booklets published by our organization, to ensure something new.

I want to say that it was an invaluable gained experience for our organization, and I hope the volunteers, didn’t spent time in vain also.

Station Region. v. Barshchevaya, v. Mospanovo, v. Grakovo


Well, this time I was late with the article again, but as I promised came with photos. Today we will speak about 3 settlements: October 12 — v. Barshchevaya, October 14 — v. Mospanovo and October 16 — v. Grakovo. I want to say a big hello to village councils, which were at a height as always with meeting of our mobile group and with the organization of displaced persons in their building.

Like last time I try not to go into the details of everyday issues, I try to tell something interesting. Due to the approaching winter, you know our winters, each Kharkov knows that it is very cold always in Kharkov this time of year, not to mention the Kharkiv region, people turns not only for warm clothes, food, heaters, firewood etc., for at least some heating to them, their families and accomodations, but there is an issue for the payment of public services, in particular many people are exciting of exorbitant prices for home heating. First of all migrants are interested in the issues of subsidies.

It must be remembered that people can get help from the state to pay for public services, but it requires that the owner of the flat / house ordered them at home or to make a rental agreement between the landlord and the person who rent this apartment. In addition, personal accounts for water, gas and electricity should be transferred to the displaced person, otherwise there will be no benefits. Of course, I'm writing about how to issue a subsidy for internally displaced persons, to issue the subsidies for owners of flats / houses, without involving migrants here, the conditions remain the same. For all who want to get acquainted with this issue more closely, you can turn your attention to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №106, dated February 28, 2015.

Of course the conditions are very unusual, because not everyone wants to register at his home a stranger. Especially I will not tell you about the discrimination to some extent of internally displaced persons. Unfortunately, not all the people trust newcomers «guests» in our region. Not everyone is ready to accept the fact that it is necessary to obtain a residence permit to register the subsidy, and to re-registrate all the accounts for the stranger. The most interesting is that, there is a certain fear, a certain caution and distrust, even relatives do not always agree.

However, there are those who are trying to make life of the victims of this war easier, accept all the conditions and make out the subsidy in the end. I hope that more and more people will do in such way and that our government will settle this issue as quickly as possible, so that people who don’t have much money, will have not to spend the last money that are remained, and will buy a meal and warm clothes for the winter.

Next time I will write about v. Velikaya Babka – 10/19/2015 and v. Borovaya — 10/23/2015. And this time, without delays and with photos.