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«Station Region» team in Chuguev


Chuguevskaya Human Rights Group, together with volunteers of «Station Chuguev» understands that our main goal — is to help the internally displaced persons as by the legal, psychological counseling, and by the provision of humanitarian aid because of many people, leaving their home took a little due to first of all it was important to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones. In this regard, several representatives from both organizations visited v. Pechenegi on the 4-th of December this year in order to please them of some necessary household items. However, the greatest emphasis was placed to help IDPs by the legal advice. At this time, there were more than enough consultations, but what is the most surprising, whether displaced persons imbued with the soul to the locals, or vice versa, and this became a key factor, but the most frequently asked question was to obtain land in Pechenegi or anywhere in the district, they arranged to get some room, where they could grow roots and live with peace of mind. Some people spoke about the return home with great regret, many people simply do not understand how they can come back, if everything is looted, broken, destroyed and where to get means to restore that all.

People were interested and in the issues of employment, by the way, it is also due to the fact that people want to stay and do not move anywhere already. It should be noted the work the head of the Pechenejskiy employment center have done, who tried to help to the maximum number of people to get the coveted job. Also people frequently asked questions on outstanding loans. There is no secret that most of people who took out loans, before the war, now have enormous difficulties with banks. Our lawyers advised at first contact the hotline of the bank to all IDPs with similar problems, and then go to the bank and ask for a statement with requesting of the recalculation. However, everyone understands that the banks are not willing to do it, though, there are positive results.

At the end of the abovementioned meeting, our representatives of Chuguev human rights group and representatives of «Station Chuguev» pleased the people with the humanitarian aid and the various "buns" for children.

Station Region. v. Barshchevaya, v. Mospanovo, v. Grakovo


Well, this time I was late with the article again, but as I promised came with photos. Today we will speak about 3 settlements: October 12 — v. Barshchevaya, October 14 — v. Mospanovo and October 16 — v. Grakovo. I want to say a big hello to village councils, which were at a height as always with meeting of our mobile group and with the organization of displaced persons in their building.

Like last time I try not to go into the details of everyday issues, I try to tell something interesting. Due to the approaching winter, you know our winters, each Kharkov knows that it is very cold always in Kharkov this time of year, not to mention the Kharkiv region, people turns not only for warm clothes, food, heaters, firewood etc., for at least some heating to them, their families and accomodations, but there is an issue for the payment of public services, in particular many people are exciting of exorbitant prices for home heating. First of all migrants are interested in the issues of subsidies.

It must be remembered that people can get help from the state to pay for public services, but it requires that the owner of the flat / house ordered them at home or to make a rental agreement between the landlord and the person who rent this apartment. In addition, personal accounts for water, gas and electricity should be transferred to the displaced person, otherwise there will be no benefits. Of course, I'm writing about how to issue a subsidy for internally displaced persons, to issue the subsidies for owners of flats / houses, without involving migrants here, the conditions remain the same. For all who want to get acquainted with this issue more closely, you can turn your attention to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №106, dated February 28, 2015.

Of course the conditions are very unusual, because not everyone wants to register at his home a stranger. Especially I will not tell you about the discrimination to some extent of internally displaced persons. Unfortunately, not all the people trust newcomers «guests» in our region. Not everyone is ready to accept the fact that it is necessary to obtain a residence permit to register the subsidy, and to re-registrate all the accounts for the stranger. The most interesting is that, there is a certain fear, a certain caution and distrust, even relatives do not always agree.

However, there are those who are trying to make life of the victims of this war easier, accept all the conditions and make out the subsidy in the end. I hope that more and more people will do in such way and that our government will settle this issue as quickly as possible, so that people who don’t have much money, will have not to spend the last money that are remained, and will buy a meal and warm clothes for the winter.

Next time I will write about v. Velikaya Babka – 10/19/2015 and v. Borovaya — 10/23/2015. And this time, without delays and with photos.

«Station of Rights» In Izyum


At the center of the resettleres support «Under the Arch» (Izyum) runs the project «Station of Rights»

with the support of IF «Vozrojdenie» in cooperation with «Station Kharkov». . In its framework, the

consultative and training center is opened for the purpose of training and legal literacy for IDPs,

developing skills of discussion and communication with the authorities. There have been 8 workshops,

which were attended by IDPs living in Izyumskiy, Barvenkovskiy and Borovskoy districts.

Schedule of visits of our mobile team for September, 28—30th

Olga Averina writes

Schedule of visits of our mobile team for the next week:

September, 28, 2015 y. — Velikorogozyanskaya village council;

September, 29, 2015 y. — Svіtlichinskaya village council;

September, 29, 2015 y. — Udyanskaya village council;

September, 30, 2015 y. — Oleksandrіvskaya village council;

September, 30, 2015 y. — Lyutіvskaya village council

Report of a mobile group

Many people who are interested in our mobile groups, mistakenly think that here we are arrived, and they give us and a table and a chair and everything is so grandly and nobly. Not half, comrades.

Our first point of the week — Pesochin.

Not having to cross the threshold of the village council, we learn that there is no room for our reception there and experts of SK basically accustomed to work in the «field» prepared to conduct a reception in the lobby.

And the more pleasant is the fact that among the IDPs were found very active and enjoyable Valentin Viktorovitch, who nevertheless «beaten out» a room, which it seems to be «like a piano in the bushes» was waiting in the wings.

There were many people, there were a lot of problems, but it can be overcome when you feel that somebody is waiting for you, for your help and there is the support and understanding, the feeling that things are not just for show and nice report. In general, we liked it)))

Our special and sincere thanks to the Kharkiv regional center of social services for families, children and youth, in the person of Buckuy Elena Yurievna and to social workers Gobay Tomilla Vladimirovna, Homichek Marina Alexandrovna and Vnukova Galina Stepanovna for assistance in the operation of the mobile group of Station Kharkov.

There was also Pokotilovka, Tsirkuni, Rogan’ and Rogan’ Malaya.

The round table with specialists of Civil registration departments



Yesterday a round table was held on the issues that often arise in the process of the recovering or receiving documents confirming the «civil status» in the frameworks of our project, with the participation of a representative of The Eastern regional office of the International Fund «Vidrogjennya», the UN, the UN Population Fund, UNICEF, theR2P. These are the documents of birth, marriage, death. The representatives of Kharkov Civil registration departments answered the questions. Representatives of organizations that provide assistance to resettlers, such as «Chachimo», the Norwegian Refugee Council, VBO LJV (Kharkov department), PO «Prolisok» and of course volunteers of Station Kharkiv, who are often faced with these issues when assists to IDPs asked questions to supervisors and specialists of Civil registration departments of Ordzhonikidzevskiy, Moscowskiy, Chervonozavodskiy, Dzerzhinskiy districts. The notary of 8-th public notary's office, representatives of the city Department of Justice answered the questions also.

Representatives of the Civil registration departments responsibly trying to the event and developed a small flyer for IDPs. We agreed that this useful information will be included in the handbook of a conscious citizen, which is currently being developed by lawyers and coaches of the Station of Rights and it will be distributed at places of legal consultations — Kharkov, Chuguev and Izyum at the end of the project.

A round table showed that the need of getting information from the direct executors — specialists of the Civil registration departments is so acute, but it must be by «human language» -with a minimum number of legal terms, understandable for a wide range of people.

We thank all the participants of the round table, and we hope that such events will become permanent, maybe they will be at the places of compact residence of IDPs, and we will be joined by representatives of the State Migration Service and the departments of labor and social protection – the resettlers have a lot of questions in contact with.

Mobile teams

Olshany, Peresechnoe, Zolochiv, Volchansk, Kozachya Lopan, Slatino — that're where the mobile brigade of Station Kharkov was for last 4 days.

Our lawyers and psychologists were able to fully enjoy the beauty of our region, to breathe fresh air and to assess the quality of the road surface in region and the level of comfort in the suburban buses.

And rhey were able to meet and help those who maybe forever become a resident of the Kharkiv region. On every trip, every next settlement the command of Station Kharkov makes sure of the timeliness and correctness of the decision to establish mobile teams of support for resettlers from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.
After all, people living in the area have the same problems as those who come for help to us in Kharkov: lost documents, social and medical assistance, school and kindergardens, pensions and benefits.

Many social services are at best in the regional centers, and people do not always have someone to leave the child to spend half a day in the queue just to receive a consultation.

And I hope that the opportunity to share their problems, to get psychological support and legal consultation by professional lawyers makes their lives easier and give faith to change for the better, and confidence in the future...

And our mobile teams will be soon at the following locations:
September 15, 2015 — t. Merepha;
September 16, 2015 – t. Pivdenne;
September 17, 2015 — Khoroshevska village council;
September 17, 2015 — Bezlyudivska village council;
September 18, 2015 — Vasyschivska village council;
September 22, 2015 — t. Pisochyn;
September 23, 2015 — Pokotylivska village council;
September 24, 2015 — Tsyrkunivska village council;
September 25, 2015 — Rohanska village council;
September 25, 2015 — Malorohanska village council.