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Children’s room. We are preparing for the New Year holidays!


Dmitrievskaya 25. Children’s room. We are preparing for the New Year holidays! Thanks to airbrushing and body art studio «Blue Red» and Tanya Seluyanova for costumes for our kids. Aren’t they wonderful?!!

Moms will conjure a little and children will be simply not resistible. You should have seen how much glitz and excitement in the eyes when they tried-on. Those who are older, went down to the mirror. The younger melted from their reflection in their mother's eyes. Choosing dress to Evangeline was the longest: a lot fits by size, but it was difficult to convince to try. The girl with the character: «No !!!» — and do not come here ... We found this blue, convinced, dressed up ... took off with the protest. Then she tried another 5. Just a doll. Dad and mom disagreed. They took home 3 to wash and hem. And to choose that one which will pleased everyone.

Stas is a musketeer. Andrew and Mohammad are super heroes. Sonia and Vicka are just fairies ...

You can choose dresses and suits together the children near our Children’s. All the suit require mothers with hands and imagination: hem somewhere, wash something, add appliques and sequins, pat, starch and make the New Year for the kid a little magical.

The 5th of December. Children’s room


The 5th of December. Children’s room. 6 boys and 7 girls. Masha – you must wear a hat – it’s sunny!

Aksinia: No, it’s a winter outdoor, I was lying in the snow, and my mother took a picture ... Masha and Aksinia are here from the midday, and their mothers are at the master class. There were two babies with their daddies in the morning. It's so touching when Dad is busy with children and the parent and the child are having fun.

Sonia, Yura, Veronica


Dmitrievskaya st., 25. The 4-th and 5-th of November.

«Our children» are in the photo. Sonia, Yura, Veronica ... Sonia lost her hearing a year ago. Now, the girl learns to speak again. Sonia reads well, counts and her mother hopes, and we believe Sonia will go to a regular secondary school next fall and everything will be good.

Everything will be great in a big and happy family of Jura and Veronica, alas, we couldn’t return them their house, their mother, but we love them as family and the lessons with speech therapist already gave good results. Books and workbooks from the publisher Factor will help them to prepare for school. Books and Encyclopedias for older children. Thanks again to Irina Pelipko and publisher Factor.

Girls and dolls. No comments. Just thank to all for children's toys, and even if not all the children can smile. All these dolls, bunnies and cars are the way to a normal childhood, which the war took away from them.

Writing, counting cubes and learning English


Dmitrievskaya, 25. We are writing, counting cubes and learning English. The older sister of Alina was in bad mood and did not go to study. But Alina was very interesting in it.
English with parents, groups first, second class. Moms and dads are already at the good level. We just need to pull a little all the “command.” The effect of family team is working.
Refine the schedule and to register, please call 095 638 17 13.


We have vacation, so we studied from the morning to the evening


We have vacation, so we studied from the morning to the evening. English with mothers and without them. Mathematics again from scratch.

To refine the schedule, please call 095 638 17 13. The English, German, Ukrainian, physics, history of Ukraine, mathematics. Lessons on school readiness for children of 5 to 6 years.

The initial training, Ukrainian language and literature, mathematics conducted in the modular town.


Childen's room. Saturday surprises


The 16-th of October. Children’s room. Dmitrievskaya st., 25. 3 boys and 8 girls.

When Людмила Селуянова  asked me today for a tablet to take picture, I could not imagine that… I confess ... I came in Children’s a few times to ask for tea and to change the textbook for 6 hours of lessons in mathematics and school readiness. Honestly, everything was quiet and cute: kids played great hockey, built houses, shaking dolls, repairing cars. I have not noticed the girl from the circus mug... But it seems everybody tried to repeat.

Good surprises of the Saturday: the girl that a month ago looked like a wounded wolf was light and smiling today (work of the psychologist and the speech therapist was not been in vain!). She not only removed the needles, but also brought us toys for kids in exchange for the magnet on the refrigerator, which she saw the last time. We chose for her and a soft friend as a gift: Lioness in a coat and fashion boots. The girl promised to make her panties and skirt and show us the result.

Thank you all for toys! Our cars are in short supply again. Boys and girls like cars. They lose wheels quickly and almost all the kids take home at least one car, or tears and snot when they go.

Cold but fun


The 12-th of October. Dmitrievskaya st., 25. It is cold. First, we warm the room and then undress children. The morning, the kids are here for nearly three hours: they wrote, counted, drew and played in English. English was so fun and noisy, that we in the Children’s room wanted «jumping» and «dancing» too. I do not know how the lawyers experienced this...

English and mathematics for older children in the evening. Cat did not go learn English after the kids.

Timetable information sessions by the phone 095 638 17 13.

A long and a difficult day in the nursery


The morning began with Magomed and his firm «No !!!» ... An hour with a psychologist and half-hour game on the mat and joyful squeal on the entire floor in the game of ball. If children interfere to somebody, they can rent more quiet office. Our children, who make noise, this is the work of a psychologist, mother and our teachers. It's a blessing when after two — three months of overall efforts the child normally express his emotions, and can play noisy games and just enjoy life. Today, almost all of our children are the patients of a psychologist or speech therapist. The day was complex and long. Toys and books to take away. Tears at the entrance and exit from the mat.

The interview Лариса Веселянская  in the morning in our children's (the warmest place and «quiet» place for shooting) about the non-children's problems of parents. A year of war and any shifts in work of cocial services, passport offices: half a lifetime for every certificate and sometimes whole life. Officials do not understand that a trip to the Zone for the next piece of paper is not only money, but almost always it is a risk to life. How many people have died for the «piece of paper» no one counted.


Our little stars in class


September 30th. October 1st. Our Stars: Cyril, Sofia and Vlada. We found the wonderful exercise books. They have sticks, circles and everybody makes numbers easily. Our Sonia is the most attentive and diligent. This girl makes all the tasks not just accurately but quickly. (Sonia has hearing loss, which doctors have saw very late, more than a year there in a combat zone and here, they gave the girl recipes of droplets and redirected her to other specialists. Now Sonia hears well and learning to speak again with a speech therapist and pathologist. Alas, the pathologist can receive Sonya free only 15 minutes twice a week. Our speech therapist works with a girl for an hour almost every day. Plus our classes. Mom really wants the girl goes to regular school next year. Sonia draws perfectly, writes letters and numbers on the cell, she knows the letters. Alas, ringing and hissing sounds Sonia hardly hear and it is difficult for her to distinguish them. We really need a good speech therapist pathologist for Sony — her mother is ready to engage in days, alas, they have difficulties with the money.

They rent an apartment and now the price raises like for everybody. Plus autumn and cold: we have lack in stock again in warm coats and shoes for children).

Kirill and Vlada «have sang» — they contest: who will respond faster and louder. Vera, Veronica and Kristina are mastered yet. Veronica is four, but she went to us this summer. Tasks for 6 year bonds were too difficult and Veronica simply colored numbers and letters and painted flowers... But the sign «more», «less», «equal» she makes well already, and we still consider and compare with the group only by the subjects: dices, pencils, boys — girls.

Mathematics in any weather, and English with the kids and the most senior.

For timetable information sessions please call 095 638 17 13.

English, German, Ukrainian, mathematics, physics, history of Ukraine. Preparing children for school: paintings, counting, reading, writing, English for kids.

Children love presents


October. Children’s room. It’s the third day of the issuance of the cots for babies and we invite in our Children's room little babies from newborns to almost «adult» -7 months. Thanks to the best babysitters Lyudmila and Анна Ярмолюк. Kids always smile with them. And the kids shine with happiness also, receiving toys and books as a gift. Thank you all for children's toys!

It will be Teachers Day tomorrow. The first flowers and chocolates to our whole team of educators and teachers today. Flowers of sweets as offering of a master class from our mother.

We continue relax for mothers and volunteers: magic coloring book and fairy tales.