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We need help again


I am writing rarely in recent days I’ve probably forgotten how to already.

I have no time to do to laptop. I steep as a squirrel in a cage every day, and it seems to me everything is in one place ...

In general, we need help again.

We settled a family a day before yesterday.

Very difficult family... 5 children. The youngest is 8 months old, the eldest — 10 years.

We need to resolve a lot of questions. With documents and benefits for children, and with a birth

certificate for the youngest daughter ... In general, it’s really hard...

Dear friends, if someone wants to bring food for children, I will be grateful. While we are working to put in order the documents and transfer it for registration the allowances, children need a little support ...

And, as before, we continue to collect everything that can be useful at home. Furniture, bedding, kitchen utensils ...

If you have something else suddenly, my friends, please, write !! ))

And we continue to distribute all that we’ve collected as usually)))

Thank you very much for any help!

P.S. Special thanks to Oleg, who brought a package of food for kids today!

And to wonderful Лиля Доброскок for the parcel! For help and support !!!

Olga Tarab, the cover was gone to the baby! Parents worn on the hands their sonny because there is no stroller yet. He’ll be walking in the warm now !!!

«Station of Law» Needs help


Did you know that it is necessary to pay for an ad in «Uryadoviy kur’er» which costs 504 UAH in the claims, where the place of the defendant can not be set?

The Ukrainian judicial system doesn’t work on the uncontrolled territory. So, anyone «who is from there» has to pay.

And of course, there is no benefits for resettleres. What for?

Под фото:

In order to preserve the life and health of judges, staff and visitors of the courts, the courts of Luhansk and Donetsk region suspended to work due to the inability to administer justice because of the fighting that took place in the area of the courts.

According to the order of the High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases of 02.09.2014 №27/0/38-14 the cases that relate to the courts of Lugansk and Donetsk region are carried out by the courts according to the list.

What for have I written this? Because of the fact that only legal service of Station Kharkov for last two months prepared a huge number of lawsuits and unfortunately anyone from the IDPs can’t pay the court fee by the rates established by the Law of Ukraine № 3674-VI, dated 8 Jul.2015, «On the court fee» with the changes.

And when we consider that it is necessary to pay an ad in “Uryadoviy kur’er” in the claims where the location of the defendant is not possible to install, which costs 504 UAH, the appeal for the protection to the courts becomes a measure of the discharge «mission is impossible».

At the same time, we modestly silent about the postage for sending documents and correspondence with the courts.

And if until now the payment of this not a cheap process covered by the SK staff and donations of volunteers, today we have to say that if the situation will not change in the near future, we will have to terminate the provision of secondary legal aid.


We desperately need warm clothes


Unfortunately, there are almost no warm clothes at the stock today. And we ask for help Kharkov again. You can bring warm clothes to Dmitrievskaya st., 25 from 11 am. to 4 pm., except for Sundays.

I brought 10 packages with sweaters and jackets, the coat and autumn shoes today to Dmitrievskaya st., 25. Everything is in very good condition. Thanks to Anna Borovska, Marusya Marina and everyone who helps us with clothes and shoes. Unfortunately, there are almost no warm clothes at the stock today. And we ask for help Kharkov again. You can bring warm clothes to Dmitrievskaya st., 25 from 11 am. to 4 pm., except for Sundays. If this time is not convenient for you, please, bring the clothes to my home, I am at the center, I’ll write the address in the PM.
Thanks for repost 🙂

Old people need help


The next visit to Udi will be on October, 19.

Olga Averina, our lawyer:

I can not write «requests for support», but I’ll try.

Many have heard that the mobile groups of Station Kharkov make visits for the second month. And in the village Udi, which is 57 kilometers away from Kharkov, we found this family.

Grandparents 85 and 86 years old, relatives took them from the territory of pseudorespublics and left. Old people have only summer clothes, jacket only one that is on photo. Transportation twice a week, on weekends, there is no hospital and pharmacy, only one shop. 

There is a pension, but there is a house for which they have to pay, there is no heating, very, very much needed of warm clothes (size 52-54), hats, jacket or coat, shoes (38, 40-41), blankets, hygiene items, washing powder , antiviral medications, against arthritis, tea, honey and delicious cookies.

After all, the elderly as well as children can not do without our attention and care.

Please all who can help and bring something of the above bring to the address: Kharkov, Dmitrievskaya st., 25 (for the mobile brigade in the village Udi)