"Do no harm! " Station Kharkov shared its experiences with officials from Kharkov, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions

Today Station Kharkov shared its experiences with officials from Kharkov, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions.

For many of you all that I'll write here will seem so small stroke in our lives, but it is not so. Or rather, it’s not so at all. For the first time the officials appealed to us for the experience and information. They wanted to see how the public organizations work and learn something new and useful.

Larisa Veselyanskaya conducted tours at Romashka (thanks a lot, Oksana, for your help and hospitality!) and in a modular town. Thank you, Lara!

Alla Feshenko held guys through our center at Dmitrievskaya, 25, and spoke about the directions of our work. Thank you, Alla.

Alice Venevtseva held mini-training on the project activities to representatives of local governments could themselves to raise funds for working with displaced persons and to improve the quality of life of a community. A little more, and Alice will be an experienced coach. Thank you, Alice!

Thank you, Maxim and Anton for the preparation of equipment.

The aim of the event was to promote the principle «Do no harm!,» Strengthening the ability to solve conflicts on the places. Objective: to indicate concrete steps to reduce the negative impact and conflicts between the inhabitants of a territory, achieving the peace.


Second stage of cooperation with MobiDev. Thank you!


Many thanks to MobiDev for the invaluable help!!! The second stage of our cooperation passed! 19 families received help! It was purchased acutely necessary medicines, food, and much more...

We were able to help the mother with two kids (father dropped and returned to Lugansk) for rental housing. We helped to a woman with cancer from Kharkov to buy medicines.

We bought to the daughter of the deceased soldier a sedative (nervous breakdown after the funeral of her father.)

We bought a lot of medicines for children with special needs!!!

We bought to the reserve soldier-displaced person-orphan the restored drugs.

We sent a mother with cancer of 6-year-old girl to Kiev for treatment.

We bought a high-calorie and nutritious food, which a man with throat cancer have not seen for a year! His wife sobbed with happiness ...

Their dinner is cheese and butter ...

We gave people something even more important than money ... We showed them that they are not alone with their troubles. We are close, we are together! And together it is not so scary. Especially that together we are strong!

Thanks very much MobiDev!!! For the rays of hope in people's eyes!

Huge thanks to Frizman!


Many thanks to company Frizman! Natasha and Anyutka, how much joy the women obtain when they tried on their new clothes!!! Throwing out all their sorrows, they posed as models. And our girls from warehouse rejoiced too ... They were glad that they were able for a moment made so many people happy ... And thanks for pillows and most importantly — for the idea to bring to work the displaced people A young boy Yukhim lives at our the hostel... He was deported from Russia ... While all his documents are drawn up again, he is not sitting idly by.He stuffs pillows in exchange for honestly earned money ... By the way, the message of our pillows had spread across Kharkov and region :)The idea is that after Yukhim stuffed pillows, my Anna had to take them to the workshop, where girls are sewing up a small space through which the pillows are filled ... But for now, no pieces got to the workshop yet 🙂 people carries with gratitude, happily reporting that they will sew up themselves:) Part of pillows went to Chuguev, part was «blurred» by Kharkov:) Yukhim continues to work:) All in business ... Kharkovites, you are the best !!!

The world is not without good people


They say that the world is not without good people, and we have convinced ourselves in this statement yesterday. The displaced from the Donetsk region man came to «Station Chuguev», a single father with disabled child, and brought a package of food for the needy people in the food. He has not a large income, but he has something to help the same people as he is, to the people affected by this terrible war, that is why he without any doubt brought this little help. All employees of our modest point were struck by his noble and decided to repay him in any way. We took him to the Children’s room, he could chose a toy for his child, and by happy coincidence, he caught the eye of a small teddy elephant, beloved by his daughter, and we certainly presented him this toy. Unfortunately, the benefactor did not want to be photographed.

«Station Region» team in Chuguev


Chuguevskaya Human Rights Group, together with volunteers of «Station Chuguev» understands that our main goal — is to help the internally displaced persons as by the legal, psychological counseling, and by the provision of humanitarian aid because of many people, leaving their home took a little due to first of all it was important to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones. In this regard, several representatives from both organizations visited v. Pechenegi on the 4-th of December this year in order to please them of some necessary household items. However, the greatest emphasis was placed to help IDPs by the legal advice. At this time, there were more than enough consultations, but what is the most surprising, whether displaced persons imbued with the soul to the locals, or vice versa, and this became a key factor, but the most frequently asked question was to obtain land in Pechenegi or anywhere in the district, they arranged to get some room, where they could grow roots and live with peace of mind. Some people spoke about the return home with great regret, many people simply do not understand how they can come back, if everything is looted, broken, destroyed and where to get means to restore that all.

People were interested and in the issues of employment, by the way, it is also due to the fact that people want to stay and do not move anywhere already. It should be noted the work the head of the Pechenejskiy employment center have done, who tried to help to the maximum number of people to get the coveted job. Also people frequently asked questions on outstanding loans. There is no secret that most of people who took out loans, before the war, now have enormous difficulties with banks. Our lawyers advised at first contact the hotline of the bank to all IDPs with similar problems, and then go to the bank and ask for a statement with requesting of the recalculation. However, everyone understands that the banks are not willing to do it, though, there are positive results.

At the end of the abovementioned meeting, our representatives of Chuguev human rights group and representatives of «Station Chuguev» pleased the people with the humanitarian aid and the various "buns" for children.

We need help again


I am writing rarely in recent days I’ve probably forgotten how to already.

I have no time to do to laptop. I steep as a squirrel in a cage every day, and it seems to me everything is in one place ...

In general, we need help again.

We settled a family a day before yesterday.

Very difficult family... 5 children. The youngest is 8 months old, the eldest — 10 years.

We need to resolve a lot of questions. With documents and benefits for children, and with a birth

certificate for the youngest daughter ... In general, it’s really hard...

Dear friends, if someone wants to bring food for children, I will be grateful. While we are working to put in order the documents and transfer it for registration the allowances, children need a little support ...

And, as before, we continue to collect everything that can be useful at home. Furniture, bedding, kitchen utensils ...

If you have something else suddenly, my friends, please, write !! ))

And we continue to distribute all that we’ve collected as usually)))

Thank you very much for any help!

P.S. Special thanks to Oleg, who brought a package of food for kids today!

And to wonderful Лиля Доброскок for the parcel! For help and support !!!

Olga Tarab, the cover was gone to the baby! Parents worn on the hands their sonny because there is no stroller yet. He’ll be walking in the warm now !!!

The 5th of December. Children’s room


The 5th of December. Children’s room. 6 boys and 7 girls. Masha – you must wear a hat – it’s sunny!

Aksinia: No, it’s a winter outdoor, I was lying in the snow, and my mother took a picture ... Masha and Aksinia are here from the midday, and their mothers are at the master class. There were two babies with their daddies in the morning. It's so touching when Dad is busy with children and the parent and the child are having fun.

Project management traning at «Station Kharkov»


There was an unusual training on project management at «Station Kharkov» today. Our Alice debuted. If I did not know that this is the first time, I thought that she is experienced coach. Our own volunteers

were participants, they listened attentively, asked questions, expressed ideas and «demanded the continuation of the banquet.» Here. It is important when people are motivated to learn. That's the main thing. «To be continued».

We are just showing off. The event was closed, we do not invite anyone. It’s little space for us 🙂

«Postman of good deeds» at v. Peski Radkovskie


Today, our team has worked a «Postman of good deeds» at v. Peski Radkovskie Borovskoy district. We delivered to small «recipients» the presents, which purchased and packed with great kindness and involving !

Huge thanks including Алена Артакова for immediate help and participation.

The «presents» were for 27 children. We didn’t find at home three of them (they’ll come to us in Izyum)

and 4 kids left without jackets due to small size. As we have already the «prepared» from Peski Radkovskie we’ll «picked up» the other kids / I apologize for the confusion 🙂 and we’ll deliver them personally.

I want to thank Station Kharkiv particularly, especially Ирина Гаевая for the help and the organization:)

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