A crazy day


People, isn’t it the 13-th today?! ...

Crazy day 🙁

We settled the family three days ago.

A man after a stroke, he does not walk and talk, requires constant care, his wife and son.

We found a good dormitory, we persuaded the hostess to wait for money, found the money to pay immediately, called to the IOM, asked to find a way to help these people with quickly payment for housing, found the car, took them out from our hostel, we have signed an agreement for a year, and we could be calm. But it was not there...

The hostess decided not to lease this housing to this family!

I hope she had a strong reason to require out during the day. Of course, we could not find another housing for such a short period of time, and I took them back to our hostel today.

We will continue to try to find a home to these people. There's a good boy, Ivan. He is a pupil in the ninth grade. He is caring for his father and helps her mother around. It's hard for him.

Then we moved Julia with Miroslava in a separate room, which was released after the departure of Vlad and his grandmother in Poland.

And then a magician Сергей Алексеев called us, who brought the gifts to all our kiddies.

We hid them, and we will put next to each kid in night, then in the morning kids will glad with visit of St. Nicholas !!

And today we’ve got a confirmation from our German friends. They conducted a campaign to collect gifts for the New Year. Everyone could bring everything he would like to present to our kids. As a result, 42 children will receive presents for the New Year. Everything is packaged and will travel on Sunday to the recipients!

Ah, I almost forgot! A power couple Lyudmila Vasyl’evna and Viktor Filippovich moved into a new apartment today too. They moved to an empty apartment. We found them what we could from the furniture, gave the mattress instead of the sofa, wardrobe, which they will gather at home, and we wished them to settle well in a new place.

Thank you, Анна Тимофеева, for the help !!! I would not cope without you today!!!

And our Лариса Веселянская let her wish recovery !!!

And let she back !! We can not be without her !!!

Kids from Schastie


The children came from Schastie. They are eating.

Bon Appetit!!!

One of our volunteer units at the railway station is closed, but we continue to work. In particular, assistance to colleagues with transit kids.

We are easy to find: Dmitrievskaya st., 25

Open hours: Mon-Fri — from 11 to 16, Sat — from 11 to 15.

Phone:  +38 (066) 69 49 678


«Postman of good deeds» at v. Peski Radkovskie


Today, our team has worked a «Postman of good deeds» at v. Peski Radkovskie Borovskoy district. We delivered to small «recipients» the presents, which purchased and packed with great kindness and involving !

Huge thanks including Алена Артакова for immediate help and participation.

The «presents» were for 27 children. We didn’t find at home three of them (they’ll come to us in Izyum)

and 4 kids left without jackets due to small size. As we have already the «prepared» from Peski Radkovskie we’ll «picked up» the other kids / I apologize for the confusion 🙂 and we’ll deliver them personally.

I want to thank Station Kharkiv particularly, especially Ирина Гаевая for the help and the organization:)

Do you remember our flag collection?


Do you remember, we gathered the flags of the countries from which we get help?

Here, we put them on the new places. It turned out nicely.

Thanks a lot to the designers in our unit, and of course, to all the good people for parcels with useful things!

We look forward to replenish of the collection.


There are people behind every good deed


It seems only on the part that everything is fast, easy and of itself. But there are plenty of heroes in every such event.

For example:

1. Ukrainians from the American city Rochester (NY) financed the purchase of 20 new baby strollers. Many thanks to everyone, really miss you!

2. Inga, thank you for the gathering of preliminary information.

3. Jana, thank you very much for your help in the organization of the procurement process and in general for everything.

4. Many thanks to our permanent assistants in delivery and transportation of goods — Dmitriy, Sergey and Sergey, the driver. And, of course, thanks to Novaya pochta!

5. Olga and everyone who takes part in the process of issuing — thank you for your work!

P.S. Strollers will go to those who had already registered for them.

The excursion for ninth-graders Catherine

Yulia Pimenova writes

I’ve conducted an excursion for ninth-graders from 68 schools Catherine today. Her task is to shoot a small story about volunteers.

A review of this schoolgirl was like this: «I'm impressed.»

We have a joint idea to hold similar events for high school students. It could be short speeches of volunteers at schools.

What do you think about this, is it worth doing? We must involve children in social activities somehow, right?

This dedicated to all indifferent

I saw a woman who sat quietly on a bench in the middle of the bustle of people who came to us for help at our Station Kharkov yesterday. From time to time I watched as she look on our open door, listening to what was happening around. And the people had subsided, it was quiet in the hallway, and she walked into our room hesitantly and sat down next to me ... She was plucking up heart for a long time, and then asked if she can get help from us. I began to question her about where and with whom she live in Kharkov. She said, did not complain, did not lamented her fate, just said that she was in a stalemate ...

She is 67, she has worked a medic all the life, her husband is 72. He has throat cancer. They came last year, they rented a very modest home and began to try to survive in a new environment ... Almost all of their pension and social benefits go to treatment and rental of property ... She says, and does not dare to ask ... She talks and I listen and understand what they just nothing to eat !!!!! Lord! Thanks to those kharkovites, who enable us to provide targeted assistance to the people ... And this morning, we met each other at the supermarket. I went happy, knowing that we will not allow this family to be alone with their troubles today ... We met, we went to the store and went to buy everything they need on the list ...

At first I did not understand what was going on ... The woman walks along the shelves, eyeing something compares... She looks at meapologetically, sayingagain, «Do I keep you?» ... Suddenly I begin to see clearly- she chooses what is the cheapest ... I calm her, including the «selection process». After the price the selection criteria were as follows: «he would like an inexpensive cookies, he is hungry always,» «I will take tea bags, he wake up at night, and I’ll do him a tea quickly,» "I'll take butter and cheese, we have not eat it for a hundred years ... he likes cheese sandwiches «... I finished off with the chicken that» we will have it for a month ... it will be a broth madefrom seed, and I can cook meatballs, to put there more bread, the smell of it will still be ... ". And then her «dearest wish» — sausages ...

I went behind her and I furtively brushed away choking tears of despair. How many of us here are so defenseless? They say that the level of the state is determined by the level of life of vulnerable people ... I went home at night and thought ... In which way is been expressed our state in fact? Why do the authorities play with the state and us, laying solitaire in their own way? ... I drove, and got a call ... «Larochka! We sit here and drink tea with sandwiches with butter and cheese ... I'm so happy! Thank you all very much! Pass this to all-all»... I'm coming home it is dark in the street, tears are pouring stream ... Thanks to all Kharkiv (‎MobiDev company) because you give the people happiness! You give it at the time when they have nothing on hoping ...

Sonia, Yura, Veronica


Dmitrievskaya st., 25. The 4-th and 5-th of November.

«Our children» are in the photo. Sonia, Yura, Veronica ... Sonia lost her hearing a year ago. Now, the girl learns to speak again. Sonia reads well, counts and her mother hopes, and we believe Sonia will go to a regular secondary school next fall and everything will be good.

Everything will be great in a big and happy family of Jura and Veronica, alas, we couldn’t return them their house, their mother, but we love them as family and the lessons with speech therapist already gave good results. Books and workbooks from the publisher Factor will help them to prepare for school. Books and Encyclopedias for older children. Thanks again to Irina Pelipko and publisher Factor.

Girls and dolls. No comments. Just thank to all for children's toys, and even if not all the children can smile. All these dolls, bunnies and cars are the way to a normal childhood, which the war took away from them.