Help from UNICEF Ukraine 

Today was a busy day! We got a lot of help! We began morning with our friends and partners UNICEF Ukraine! We’ve got 120 big sets for children of migrants! There's a lot of cool stuff for all ages! These are the books and educational games and words and games … And so much more !!! We issued these kits where there is too little help, and where it is more difficult to survive for the resettlers than in the host city — in the region.

The visit took place a little earlier than it was planned 🙂 , but we Olga Klimovska and her colleague turned f cool «rapid response team» !!! Thanks very much for the prompt delivery and patient waiting to the driver!

And of course thanks very much to our not numerous but responsive men from SK for help in unloading, you are our everything!

'Finnish' boxes on Statin Kharkov

Thanks to "The Association of Ukrainian heritage conservation in northern California (USA), the Ukrainian community of Rochester (USA) and company Team (Ukraine) for the financial assistance to which ...

... volunteers bought cots, mattresses and things that have put in gift hand made boxes. They put in each the clothes — 9 items, as well as diapers, disposable diapers, envelope, which can be used as a blanket, baby soap, wipes, a bottle, zinc ointment. There was a place for traditional embroidered shirts and cards with good wishes. When all the preparations were finished, the most pleasant part came — giving the gifts to mothers and babies.

Station Kharkov: The Results of the Week August 2015, from 17-th to 29-th

And now, here are the results of the week August 2015, from 17-th to 29-th. There were registered 590 families, of them:  433 earlier, 157 new families and 340 new settlers.

We gave wheelchair to the family with many children where mother has mobility problems, we had given out carryings, a cot and a stroller for children also.