Have you already put the first tree?


Have you already put the first tree? Because we have! But the most important is — not for ourselves but for the displaced children in Kharkiv. Together, the volunteer center Станция «Харьков», United Nations in Ukraine and UNHCR Ukraine and 25 children created toys with their own hands, decorated their first tree and enjoyed sweet presents.

Because happiness and smiles of children are priceless. Make yourself 🙂 http://bit.ly/1UzJj9K

This is dedicated to volunteers of «Station Kharkov»:

"Thanks to all the organizers for the festival! Kids had fun, photos support this! Parents are not boring too) actors from the Actors studio FEST are very active, lively, cheerful !!! Happy birthday to Cyrill and Christine again, it is so wonderful that even when you're in a foreign city you always can come to SK and celebrate the birthday in a warm circle !! "


Master class «Crochet hats for children»


12 December. Dmitrievskaya, 25. Master class «Crochet hats for children» by Tatiana Sambueva. It was mentally: children helped their mothers and the hats became just wonderful 🙂 Watch for our announcements and we look forward to participating in the following workshops Svyat is not a fan of the cameras, but he participated by the maximum. The most patient sat up late into the evening. Svyat’s mother has shared by the photo of the fireplace of boxes and cones of pumpkin seeds — they made it with her son, the idea was found in the Internet.

«The main thing is to count the loops! And it calms ...» the main, that was overheard between «do not bother: do not stray from the count and you close the light again» ... Everybody became more quiet to the evening – they taken a knitted miracle from the Children's, clearly to understand how it was made ...

A master class on the modeling of salty dough, or Why and what for we do it

A master class on the modeling of salty dough was held on the 12 of November. It’s a real small holiday for our children. Besides modeling there were games, sweet table, fabulous Mad Hatter and a good dog Antey. It was possible to take pictures, hug with the dog-rescuer, to feed him and to see the demonstration of an ideal training. While young guests got acquainted with the dog, we have covered the sweet table.
The event was attended by journalists of two TV channels: ICTV and OTB and by the correspondent of Station Kharkov Olga Tarab.

Eva Gukalova writes:

A lot of people ask me why and what for we do it. I think it is enough to visit one of such events to understand and feel it, you need to see the eyes of these children. It can be said that such activities have a kind of «selfish» motive: on one hand we help the world become more and more similar to the one in which we want to live, on the other — the joy and sincere gratitude of these children charges and fills us with new forces, it helps us not give up and continue to work in spite of fatigue and emotional burnout. For me, the most vivid impressions of this day were two things: the first is a girl who was crying at the beginning of the event, she didn’t want to go into the room with a lot of yet strangers.Fortunately we could to persuade her. During the master class, her grandmother and she sculpted beautiful fruits of colored dough. A little girl thawed and simply lighted (she has totally magical smile). She leftoneof the latest, hugged at parting to teacher and promised to come again. Another girl and her mother admitted that they are very afraid of dogs. But adorable Antey and its owner Igor could break the ice: at the end of the meeting the mum bravely fed the dog with her hands, and the girl ventured to pet the dog. These small victories are inspired us to live and work on.

Thanks for the preparation and organization to Evgeniy Strukov, Lyudmila Seluyanova, seamstresses Um Karim, Ryndina Nadejda, Zina Zhdanova. Thanks to Igor Gutnik and Antey for the kindness and to charm and wonderful Hatter for a wonderful suit and a piece of fairy tale!
Thanks for the photos to Natalia Filatova
The project is implemented with the support of Українськийфонд «Благополуччядітей»andKinderhilfswerk ChildFund Deutschland. For the assistance in renting of premises thanks to Alla Feshenko and to the Commission's draftEU

Sonia, Yura, Veronica


Dmitrievskaya st., 25. The 4-th and 5-th of November.

«Our children» are in the photo. Sonia, Yura, Veronica ... Sonia lost her hearing a year ago. Now, the girl learns to speak again. Sonia reads well, counts and her mother hopes, and we believe Sonia will go to a regular secondary school next fall and everything will be good.

Everything will be great in a big and happy family of Jura and Veronica, alas, we couldn’t return them their house, their mother, but we love them as family and the lessons with speech therapist already gave good results. Books and workbooks from the publisher Factor will help them to prepare for school. Books and Encyclopedias for older children. Thanks again to Irina Pelipko and publisher Factor.

Girls and dolls. No comments. Just thank to all for children's toys, and even if not all the children can smile. All these dolls, bunnies and cars are the way to a normal childhood, which the war took away from them.

Writing, counting cubes and learning English


Dmitrievskaya, 25. We are writing, counting cubes and learning English. The older sister of Alina was in bad mood and did not go to study. But Alina was very interesting in it.
English with parents, groups first, second class. Moms and dads are already at the good level. We just need to pull a little all the “command.” The effect of family team is working.
Refine the schedule and to register, please call 095 638 17 13.


We have vacation, so we studied from the morning to the evening


We have vacation, so we studied from the morning to the evening. English with mothers and without them. Mathematics again from scratch.

To refine the schedule, please call 095 638 17 13. The English, German, Ukrainian, physics, history of Ukraine, mathematics. Lessons on school readiness for children of 5 to 6 years.

The initial training, Ukrainian language and literature, mathematics conducted in the modular town.


Childen's room. Saturday surprises


The 16-th of October. Children’s room. Dmitrievskaya st., 25. 3 boys and 8 girls.

When Людмила Селуянова  asked me today for a tablet to take picture, I could not imagine that… I confess ... I came in Children’s a few times to ask for tea and to change the textbook for 6 hours of lessons in mathematics and school readiness. Honestly, everything was quiet and cute: kids played great hockey, built houses, shaking dolls, repairing cars. I have not noticed the girl from the circus mug... But it seems everybody tried to repeat.

Good surprises of the Saturday: the girl that a month ago looked like a wounded wolf was light and smiling today (work of the psychologist and the speech therapist was not been in vain!). She not only removed the needles, but also brought us toys for kids in exchange for the magnet on the refrigerator, which she saw the last time. We chose for her and a soft friend as a gift: Lioness in a coat and fashion boots. The girl promised to make her panties and skirt and show us the result.

Thank you all for toys! Our cars are in short supply again. Boys and girls like cars. They lose wheels quickly and almost all the kids take home at least one car, or tears and snot when they go.

Pops Cake Workshop

It was quite full today at «Station Kharkov». Although the master classes designed primarily for adults, the traditional visitors of trainings are children for a long time. Especially since, they are the most faithful admirers of confectionary art. The childrenmade sweetness diligently, carefully following the recipe.

Our babies


October, 8 and 9. Children’s room. Dmitrievskaya, 25. Babies. Kostya came today. Beating all the major games, we decided to jump a little. Regulatory dialogue was a success: the kids quickly removed all the toys from the carpet. And then … Moms did not see, little brother will not tell: somersaults over ball and without it, jumping on the ball and with a big dog. In general, Kostya will not be a Master, circus school is waiting for the two great acrobats! And then, moms came back … and there were tears and entreaties …

The little girl with pink ball is looking at it from her mother's hands. We look forward her to our mat.

Today, once again we dressed moms and children from our «internal resources» — exchange fund of our permanent moms — «our mothers» bring us clothes of which kids are grown up. There is no warm shoes and warm clothing in stock nearly. It becomes colder.

You can bring clothes at Dmitrievskaya, 25 since 11 to 16 except Sunday or to the South Station every day since 9 to 17, the waiting room on the ground floor to the right of the main entrance.



Our little stars in class


September 30th. October 1st. Our Stars: Cyril, Sofia and Vlada. We found the wonderful exercise books. They have sticks, circles and everybody makes numbers easily. Our Sonia is the most attentive and diligent. This girl makes all the tasks not just accurately but quickly. (Sonia has hearing loss, which doctors have saw very late, more than a year there in a combat zone and here, they gave the girl recipes of droplets and redirected her to other specialists. Now Sonia hears well and learning to speak again with a speech therapist and pathologist. Alas, the pathologist can receive Sonya free only 15 minutes twice a week. Our speech therapist works with a girl for an hour almost every day. Plus our classes. Mom really wants the girl goes to regular school next year. Sonia draws perfectly, writes letters and numbers on the cell, she knows the letters. Alas, ringing and hissing sounds Sonia hardly hear and it is difficult for her to distinguish them. We really need a good speech therapist pathologist for Sony — her mother is ready to engage in days, alas, they have difficulties with the money.

They rent an apartment and now the price raises like for everybody. Plus autumn and cold: we have lack in stock again in warm coats and shoes for children).

Kirill and Vlada «have sang» — they contest: who will respond faster and louder. Vera, Veronica and Kristina are mastered yet. Veronica is four, but she went to us this summer. Tasks for 6 year bonds were too difficult and Veronica simply colored numbers and letters and painted flowers... But the sign «more», «less», «equal» she makes well already, and we still consider and compare with the group only by the subjects: dices, pencils, boys — girls.

Mathematics in any weather, and English with the kids and the most senior.

For timetable information sessions please call 095 638 17 13.

English, German, Ukrainian, mathematics, physics, history of Ukraine. Preparing children for school: paintings, counting, reading, writing, English for kids.