Station «Kharkov». The Official statement

Recently, we get a lot of questions related to the suspension of the Information Point at the Railway Station. We hasten to reassure you: Station Kharkov does not stop operating – the Railway Station is our forward, but it is not the whole Station Kharkov. The decision to suspend the work of the unit was taken together with representatives of GSCHS and it’s due to the extremely rare references of displaced persons at the railway station. Our assistance center, located at Dmitrievskaya st., 25 (less than 2 kilometers from the railway station) continuous to operate, which provides the primary humanitarian assistance, consultations of specialists, educational programs are held.

Our units in the regions (Izyum, Chuguev, Kupyansk Nodes, Balakleya, Barvenkovo) continue to work, other projects are carried out, the targeted assistance in individual cases are provided. We remain in constant connection with the staff of the railway station and GSCHS and, if necessary, ready to resume the work of the unit, though we sincerely hope that this will not have needs. People who need the emergency assistance, can call our hotline 0800302911, this number will be posted on the information board at the railway station soon.

The station Kharkov sincerely thanks all the volunteers, their work helped to withstand to tens of thousands of people in distress. We also thank all those who supported the work of our unit financially and informational. Thank you!

Photo by Alla Feshenko

An Open Letter of Representatives of Public Organizations of Kharkiv Region

To the Prime Minister of Ukraine
Arseniy Petrovich Yatsenyuk

To the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine
Pavlo Valeriyovitch Rozenko

An Open Letter 
of Representatives of Public Organizations of Kharkiv Region

Due to the situation around the State Employment Service, representatives of public organizations of Kharkiv asked to pay your attention to the high efficiency of the Employment Service of Kharkivska oblast.

The Employment service of the Kharkiv region, led V.L. Minenko is the government structure that works extremely professionally and conscientiously, it is opened for cooperation and always ready to support socially important projects and initiatives not only in words but by the personal participation.

A distinctive feature of the Employment service of the Kharkiv region is a fast reaction to the difficulties that socially vulnerable groups have with employment — providing of legal support, organization of free consultations of psychologists and adaptation seminars for IDPs and demobilized ATO soldiers, creating comfortable conditions for retraining. It is necessary to emphasize that Ukraine's first Information and Resource Center at the Kharkiv regional employment center, which runs from April 2015, works effectively.

According to local media, particularly "«, the employment statistics as of August 2015 shows that nearly 40% of IDPshave already found a job, who appealed to the Employment Service in Kharkiv and got the status of unemployed.

The Employment service of the Kharkiv region constantly and efficiently cooperates with public and voluntary organizations, which aimed at supporting people in difficult situations. Support of the Service representatives in these cases is more than the formal work and it is an example of concern and clear citizenship of its employees and manager. Here are some examples:

Alternation of representatives of the Kharkiv City Employment Center at the information and consulting point of the station of the volunteer initiative „Station Kharkov“ (volunteer organization established to help IDPs) side by side with point’s volunteers in working and non-working hours – on weekdays and weekends. Alternation of the Center’s employment in other points of IDPs’s support.

Volunteers’ support of the “Station Kharkiv” in points of IDPs’s assist in the regional centers of Kharkivska oblast, operating under the project „Station Region“ (project is implemented by VI „Station Kharkiv“ supported by UNHCR).

Information support by volunteers- recruitment consultants — quick response to all the issues that arise in the work process, information seminars for volunteers on all matters related to employment. High-quality and timely information support to the implementation of social projects aimed at social adaptation and IDPs employment in Kharkiv and oblast.

A large support by public and voluntary organizations in the implementation of projects aimed at social adaptation and employment of IDPs - participation in the Job Fair for IDPs in April 2015 (the project was implemented by „Automaidan Kharkiv“ supported by the International Fund „Vidridjennya“), support of the project „Station of Success“ - supporting of business initiatives of IDPs (project is implemented by CO „CF“Station Kharkiv»and the KRPU «Association of Private Employers»by the International Fund«Vidrodjennya», close cooperation and provision of information and organizational support in the implementation of social projects"Effective interaction of disadvantaged groups with the market of social services.Problems and optimization tools","A New view on Public Works", implemented by "Career Management Center" LTD in recent years, at this time CO "CF "Station Kharkiv" cooperates with representatives of Kharkiv employment center on questions of job fair for young people among the IDPs, to be held in October 2015, at present a project to conduct career guidance activities for students IDPs is preparing to launch, which will be implemented in Kharkiv and oblast, in collaboration of Kharkiv City Employment Center and CO "CF «Station Kharkiv».

The key to effective labor of Kharkiv employment center and support of community initiatives is professionalism and concern of each employee of Service and its leader. In today's difficult and crucial time, it is very important everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of Ukraine, who has a clear public position and worries about her future, could have an opportunity to work for the good of our country.

Therefore, we consider extremely important Minenko V.L. to be a chairman of the Kharkiv regional employment center as an effective manager and not indifferent person.


Sincerely, representatives of public organizations of Kharkiv


Director CO «CF»Station Kharkiv" O.V. Goncharov

Project Coordinator "Station Region",

volunteer of «Stations Kharkiv»

A.A. Venevtseva

Project Coordinator "Station of Success",

volunteer of «Station Kharkiv»

K.V. Strelchenko

Director of "Center of Career Management" LTD

Y.O Sinhutska

President of the KRPO "Association of Private Employers", project manager «Station of Success»

O.V. Chumak

Co-founder of the volunteer organization

CF «Kharkiv with you»

Head coaches of the «Station of Success» N.M. Yakovleva

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