«My Ukraine» in action


It's easy to do good!

The first 4,000 UAH were received to the account of CO CF «Station Kharkov» from the sale of calendars and we immediately purchased medicines for children from Lughansk region that are now treated in the oncology department of the CSTO №1. We have managed everything and Lizonka Ryzhkova (1 year 4 months old with a terrible diagnosis of nephroblastoma) will be able to start a course of chemotherapy in time, and Anya Kovaleva (6 years old with a brain tumor) will receive anticonvulsants. Thanks to everyone who was participated in the organization of this event! Special thanks to «Kharkovapteka-2» for the discounts and rapid delivery of medicines from Kiev

Dear Kharkov! Doing good is really easy. Buying this extraordinarily beautiful calendar for 2016 just for 50 UAH, you help to save the life of another child with cancer!

To know the details of the action and to order calendars, please visit the organizers.

The world is not without good people


They say that the world is not without good people, and we have convinced ourselves in this statement yesterday. The displaced from the Donetsk region man came to «Station Chuguev», a single father with disabled child, and brought a package of food for the needy people in the food. He has not a large income, but he has something to help the same people as he is, to the people affected by this terrible war, that is why he without any doubt brought this little help. All employees of our modest point were struck by his noble and decided to repay him in any way. We took him to the Children’s room, he could chose a toy for his child, and by happy coincidence, he caught the eye of a small teddy elephant, beloved by his daughter, and we certainly presented him this toy. Unfortunately, the benefactor did not want to be photographed.

A master class on the modeling of salty dough, or Why and what for we do it

A master class on the modeling of salty dough was held on the 12 of November. It’s a real small holiday for our children. Besides modeling there were games, sweet table, fabulous Mad Hatter and a good dog Antey. It was possible to take pictures, hug with the dog-rescuer, to feed him and to see the demonstration of an ideal training. While young guests got acquainted with the dog, we have covered the sweet table.
The event was attended by journalists of two TV channels: ICTV and OTB and by the correspondent of Station Kharkov Olga Tarab.

Eva Gukalova writes:

A lot of people ask me why and what for we do it. I think it is enough to visit one of such events to understand and feel it, you need to see the eyes of these children. It can be said that such activities have a kind of «selfish» motive: on one hand we help the world become more and more similar to the one in which we want to live, on the other — the joy and sincere gratitude of these children charges and fills us with new forces, it helps us not give up and continue to work in spite of fatigue and emotional burnout. For me, the most vivid impressions of this day were two things: the first is a girl who was crying at the beginning of the event, she didn’t want to go into the room with a lot of yet strangers.Fortunately we could to persuade her. During the master class, her grandmother and she sculpted beautiful fruits of colored dough. A little girl thawed and simply lighted (she has totally magical smile). She leftoneof the latest, hugged at parting to teacher and promised to come again. Another girl and her mother admitted that they are very afraid of dogs. But adorable Antey and its owner Igor could break the ice: at the end of the meeting the mum bravely fed the dog with her hands, and the girl ventured to pet the dog. These small victories are inspired us to live and work on.

Thanks for the preparation and organization to Evgeniy Strukov, Lyudmila Seluyanova, seamstresses Um Karim, Ryndina Nadejda, Zina Zhdanova. Thanks to Igor Gutnik and Antey for the kindness and to charm and wonderful Hatter for a wonderful suit and a piece of fairy tale!
Thanks for the photos to Natalia Filatova
The project is implemented with the support of Українськийфонд «Благополуччядітей»andKinderhilfswerk ChildFund Deutschland. For the assistance in renting of premises thanks to Alla Feshenko and to the Commission's draftEU

This dedicated to all indifferent

I saw a woman who sat quietly on a bench in the middle of the bustle of people who came to us for help at our Station Kharkov yesterday. From time to time I watched as she look on our open door, listening to what was happening around. And the people had subsided, it was quiet in the hallway, and she walked into our room hesitantly and sat down next to me ... She was plucking up heart for a long time, and then asked if she can get help from us. I began to question her about where and with whom she live in Kharkov. She said, did not complain, did not lamented her fate, just said that she was in a stalemate ...

She is 67, she has worked a medic all the life, her husband is 72. He has throat cancer. They came last year, they rented a very modest home and began to try to survive in a new environment ... Almost all of their pension and social benefits go to treatment and rental of property ... She says, and does not dare to ask ... She talks and I listen and understand what they just nothing to eat !!!!! Lord! Thanks to those kharkovites, who enable us to provide targeted assistance to the people ... And this morning, we met each other at the supermarket. I went happy, knowing that we will not allow this family to be alone with their troubles today ... We met, we went to the store and went to buy everything they need on the list ...

At first I did not understand what was going on ... The woman walks along the shelves, eyeing something compares... She looks at meapologetically, sayingagain, «Do I keep you?» ... Suddenly I begin to see clearly- she chooses what is the cheapest ... I calm her, including the «selection process». After the price the selection criteria were as follows: «he would like an inexpensive cookies, he is hungry always,» «I will take tea bags, he wake up at night, and I’ll do him a tea quickly,» "I'll take butter and cheese, we have not eat it for a hundred years ... he likes cheese sandwiches «... I finished off with the chicken that» we will have it for a month ... it will be a broth madefrom seed, and I can cook meatballs, to put there more bread, the smell of it will still be ... ". And then her «dearest wish» — sausages ...

I went behind her and I furtively brushed away choking tears of despair. How many of us here are so defenseless? They say that the level of the state is determined by the level of life of vulnerable people ... I went home at night and thought ... In which way is been expressed our state in fact? Why do the authorities play with the state and us, laying solitaire in their own way? ... I drove, and got a call ... «Larochka! We sit here and drink tea with sandwiches with butter and cheese ... I'm so happy! Thank you all very much! Pass this to all-all»... I'm coming home it is dark in the street, tears are pouring stream ... Thanks to all Kharkiv (‎MobiDev company) because you give the people happiness! You give it at the time when they have nothing on hoping ...

Thanks for the continued support and assistance


Thanks very much for the continued support and assistance to our friends from Germany Thomas Schiemann and Lyudmila Людмила Шумейко!

Now we have a lot of children's tights and diapers !!!

Thanks a lot to Кира Джафарова and her beautiful daughter for help and support to "Station Kharkov "! And for the delivery of valuable cargo!

And yet, yes! Together — we are strong!

Why does our hotline work 24/7?

Leonid Gukalov writes

We remind you that our hotline 0800302911 operates around the clock, all calls are free from any phones. We can not help everyone, but we try to do our best to support people in distress.

Usually, Saturday evening and Sunday – there is a little happening this time on the hotline (8-800-302-911 and 0508235656) the duties on the line fell in these days in the last couple of months are relatively calm — advices, explanations, background information.

The hot line of Station Kharkov working around the clock seven days a week for such cases as it is today. Alexander called on a hot line at the beginning of the eight o'clock Saturday evening. He arrived in Kharkov today in the morning with a sick daughter, age three and a half years. He went with no money, on a ride relying on cherished paper with addresses of some Kharkov medical volunteers that would help to examine and buy medicines for his daughter. Addresses were false.

As he ran through the city, Station Kharkiv point in the South station closed, our point at Dmitrievskaya st. closed too. Somehow through third parties, and good people, Alexander got hold the number of our hotline and called from almost discharged phone. In such cases, there is only one way in fact — to go, to meet, to see people and continue to solve their problems together with them by the means that are available to us.

Frankly, I was a little not ready — I just went out to buy food for home without working phones, even without working notebook and pen, and I has already spent almost all the money when the attendant handed me the situation and the number of Alexander.

I went to a meeting near the Central Market. Alexander and his daughter seemed to me quite normal people at the site. As I questioned him the boy standing next to us, catching, we're talking about, bought a chocolate bar for the little girl and shared with damp cloths.

He came with his family from Donetsk, reside in the Poltava region, he worked with varying degrees of success and intends to stay. But now it is difficult with the job, local doctors for any action want the money, the government hot line could not particularly help. A little daughter is sick — like bronchitis, and something else, she needs a check-up, some medicines.

By phoned with  АллаФещенко and ИнгаМикулинская, we have come up what to do with them. We settled them for a couple days into our hostel and then immediately called an ambulance to examine the girl be the doctor on duty. I gave Alexander part of the products purchased for home from my backpack and the rest of the money after shopping. We call each other tomorrow, I hope, everything will be fine.

Thanks to everyone who supported me tonight and helped to deal with this case.

Update: a doctor examined the girl, the Mormon Church has helped with the purchase of medicines and food, the father and the child are going back home, to the mother.

'Finnish' boxes on Statin Kharkov

Thanks to "The Association of Ukrainian heritage conservation in northern California (USA), the Ukrainian community of Rochester (USA) and company Team (Ukraine) for the financial assistance to which ...

... volunteers bought cots, mattresses and things that have put in gift hand made boxes. They put in each the clothes — 9 items, as well as diapers, disposable diapers, envelope, which can be used as a blanket, baby soap, wipes, a bottle, zinc ointment. There was a place for traditional embroidered shirts and cards with good wishes. When all the preparations were finished, the most pleasant part came — giving the gifts to mothers and babies.

Little Life In Your Hands

Friends, you have probably heard about this campaign?

We are immensely grateful to Kira Jafarova, which has long and tirelessly support us. And to the author of the idea, Irina Tkachenko.

The campaign was conceived as an opportunity to raise funds for food, clothes and other necessary things for people who come to us.

However, we are faced with an acute shortage of funds for medicine. Children's medicine. Already now, our medgroup knows 2 cases, where we can not help.

Therefore, we declare that all the money raised by the charity event «My Ukraine» will be used to help the sick children. We hope that you will support us.

Thank you!12085096_414240515367256_1353007480_o


Kira Dzhafarova writes:

We started a good deed. Station Kharkov, more than a year helping internally displaced persons from the ATO area, in dire need of funding. People turn to this volunteer organization with the requests of children's clothes, warm clothing, things for caring for the sick and disabled, and other household needs, including food. Thousands of kind and sympathetic people since 01.06.2014 with their donations helped thousands of resettleres fleeing the war. The war continues and the problems remain. Station Kharkov continues to expose her fragile female shoulders to all who find it difficult to stand up. Author of the idea ИринаТкаченко. We want to print calendars with views of Slobojanschina, A-4 format. Calendar is on the bracket. There will be landscape photos of the two authors –ВладимирОглоблин and mine. For me personally, it is unthinkable to be in honor of one lottery area with the master, the guru and the sensei of photographic art. So I'd like to order about –teen items and will show off and present to all my friends and acquaintances. You can decorate with them a boring office, a class in the school, hospital room, staircase, if you want. The price of 1 copy is 50 UAH. All proceeds from the sale will go to the needs of displaced persons. We guaranteed accountability and transparency. Organizations that will order more than 100 copies, will have the opportunity to place their logo on the cover. Together we can move mountains, even if one would make the smallest effort.

Postachalnik FO-P Tkachenko Iryna Vasilіvna ІN 2906416061 Acc. Number 26000052342100 at PAO CB «PrivatBank», MFO 351533 for those who want to order a large batch. We’ll announced additionally where to buy the calendar in retail.

To order the calendar on our website (in Russian)

Old people need help


The next visit to Udi will be on October, 19.

Olga Averina, our lawyer:

I can not write «requests for support», but I’ll try.

Many have heard that the mobile groups of Station Kharkov make visits for the second month. And in the village Udi, which is 57 kilometers away from Kharkov, we found this family.

Grandparents 85 and 86 years old, relatives took them from the territory of pseudorespublics and left. Old people have only summer clothes, jacket only one that is on photo. Transportation twice a week, on weekends, there is no hospital and pharmacy, only one shop. 

There is a pension, but there is a house for which they have to pay, there is no heating, very, very much needed of warm clothes (size 52-54), hats, jacket or coat, shoes (38, 40-41), blankets, hygiene items, washing powder , antiviral medications, against arthritis, tea, honey and delicious cookies.

After all, the elderly as well as children can not do without our attention and care.

Please all who can help and bring something of the above bring to the address: Kharkov, Dmitrievskaya st., 25 (for the mobile brigade in the village Udi)



Dear friends, we need you help for a disabled woman


Dear friends, we need you help!

A disabled woman on the wheelchair needs help and support. She's single, she has reached Kharkov herself, she was brought to the railway station at 22.00 ... She called me and said: Hello! I am from the ATO area and I arrived ...)) With difficulties, but we settled her in a modular town, she cooks, wipes and so on herself. We bought her food and everything she needs for several times. But everything has come to an end: and herinventiries and our money fortargeted support. She doesn’t receive pensions and benefits yet (approval in progress). Therefore she needs support with products and personal hygiene products very much.

I would be grateful for the repost.