In the unit «Under the arch» in Izyum a series of training courses for displaced persons are held

Marina Alf'orova writes

Today, on the 25-th of March in Izyum at volunteer help unit for displaced persons «Under the arch» a training on «Prospects for the own business in the field of rural green tourism» was conducted, coach Олег Кулинич.

Of the 18 participants most part have no experience, but they have a great desire.

Mass of interesting and useful information. Eyes of participants were simply «burning» with desire. There is a strong belief that the majority of them will translate knowledge into practice!

Good morning in the new year and here are the great news

Pchelka writes:

Good morning in the new year and here are the great news. These messages give us strength and inspire!

«I begged my husband, a lover of fireworks, not to buy them this year. I always believed that it means money away ... I’ve set aside. And then it came itself what for! 🙂 give us 10 pieces of calendars.»

Thanks to beautiful girl!

Who else? Do not pass by, children with cancer are waiting for drugs.

«My Ukraine» calendar

Charity fund “Ranok-Ukrayina”, book store franchise “KnigoLand” and charity fund “Station Kharkov” are running a fundraising event to save sick children. We ask all those who care to take part in a good thing and purchase the “My Ukraine” calendar, 100% of the profit of which will be sent to “Station Kharkov” to help sick children.

“My Ukraine” calendar is illustrated with beautiful Ukrainian landscape pictures taken for free by Kharkov photographers Volodymyr Ogloblin and Kira Jafarova.

The calendar costs 50 ($2.17, €1.98, £1.45). The format is 25 by 40 cm.

Don't just wait! Lets help the children!

You can buy the calendars using the following methods:

  • In the stores of “KnigoLand” franchise;
  • From “Station Kharkov” representatives directly;
  • You can also receive the calendars by post, filling out this form.

A crazy day

People, isn’t it the 13-th today?! ...

Crazy day 🙁

We settled the family three days ago.

A man after a stroke, he does not walk and talk, requires constant care, his wife and son.

We found a good dormitory, we persuaded the hostess to wait for money, found the money to pay immediately, called to the IOM, asked to find a way to help these people with quickly payment for housing, found the car, took them out from our hostel, we have signed an agreement for a year, and we could be calm. But it was not there...

The hostess decided not to lease this housing to this family!

I hope she had a strong reason to require out during the day. Of course, we could not find another housing for such a short period of time, and I took them back to our hostel today.

We will continue to try to find a home to these people. There's a good boy, Ivan. He is a pupil in the ninth grade. He is caring for his father and helps her mother around. It's hard for him.

Then we moved Julia with Miroslava in a separate room, which was released after the departure of Vlad and his grandmother in Poland.

And then a magician Сергей Алексеев called us, who brought the gifts to all our kiddies.

We hid them, and we will put next to each kid in night, then in the morning kids will glad with visit of St. Nicholas !!

And today we’ve got a confirmation from our German friends. They conducted a campaign to collect gifts for the New Year. Everyone could bring everything he would like to present to our kids. As a result, 42 children will receive presents for the New Year. Everything is packaged and will travel on Sunday to the recipients!

Ah, I almost forgot! A power couple Lyudmila Vasyl’evna and Viktor Filippovich moved into a new apartment today too. They moved to an empty apartment. We found them what we could from the furniture, gave the mattress instead of the sofa, wardrobe, which they will gather at home, and we wished them to settle well in a new place.

Thank you, Анна Тимофеева, for the help !!! I would not cope without you today!!!

And our Лариса Веселянская let her wish recovery !!!

And let she back !! We can not be without her !!!

Have you already put the first tree?

Have you already put the first tree? Because we have! But the most important is — not for ourselves but for the displaced children in Kharkiv. Together, the volunteer center Станция «Харьков», United Nations in Ukraine and UNHCR Ukraine and 25 children created toys with their own hands, decorated their first tree and enjoyed sweet presents.

Because happiness and smiles of children are priceless. Make yourself 🙂

This is dedicated to volunteers of «Station Kharkov»:

"Thanks to all the organizers for the festival! Kids had fun, photos support this! Parents are not boring too) actors from the Actors studio FEST are very active, lively, cheerful !!! Happy birthday to Cyrill and Christine again, it is so wonderful that even when you're in a foreign city you always can come to SK and celebrate the birthday in a warm circle !! "


Kids from Schastie

The children came from Schastie. They are eating.

Bon Appetit!!!

One of our volunteer units at the railway station is closed, but we continue to work. In particular, assistance to colleagues with transit kids.

We are easy to find: Dmitrievskaya st., 25

Open hours: Mon-Fri — from 11 to 16, Sat — from 11 to 15.

Phone:  +38 (066) 69 49 678


«My Ukraine» in action

It's easy to do good!

The first 4,000 UAH were received to the account of CO CF «Station Kharkov» from the sale of calendars and we immediately purchased medicines for children from Lughansk region that are now treated in the oncology department of the CSTO №1. We have managed everything and Lizonka Ryzhkova (1 year 4 months old with a terrible diagnosis of nephroblastoma) will be able to start a course of chemotherapy in time, and Anya Kovaleva (6 years old with a brain tumor) will receive anticonvulsants. Thanks to everyone who was participated in the organization of this event! Special thanks to «Kharkovapteka-2» for the discounts and rapid delivery of medicines from Kiev

Dear Kharkov! Doing good is really easy. Buying this extraordinarily beautiful calendar for 2016 just for 50 UAH, you help to save the life of another child with cancer!

To know the details of the action and to order calendars, please visit the organizers.

Children’s room. We are preparing for the New Year holidays!

Dmitrievskaya 25. Children’s room. We are preparing for the New Year holidays! Thanks to airbrushing and body art studio «Blue Red» and Tanya Seluyanova for costumes for our kids. Aren’t they wonderful?!!

Moms will conjure a little and children will be simply not resistible. You should have seen how much glitz and excitement in the eyes when they tried-on. Those who are older, went down to the mirror. The younger melted from their reflection in their mother's eyes. Choosing dress to Evangeline was the longest: a lot fits by size, but it was difficult to convince to try. The girl with the character: «No !!!» — and do not come here ... We found this blue, convinced, dressed up ... took off with the protest. Then she tried another 5. Just a doll. Dad and mom disagreed. They took home 3 to wash and hem. And to choose that one which will pleased everyone.

Stas is a musketeer. Andrew and Mohammad are super heroes. Sonia and Vicka are just fairies ...

You can choose dresses and suits together the children near our Children’s. All the suit require mothers with hands and imagination: hem somewhere, wash something, add appliques and sequins, pat, starch and make the New Year for the kid a little magical.

Master class «Crochet hats for children»

12 December. Dmitrievskaya, 25. Master class «Crochet hats for children» by Tatiana Sambueva. It was mentally: children helped their mothers and the hats became just wonderful 🙂 Watch for our announcements and we look forward to participating in the following workshops Svyat is not a fan of the cameras, but he participated by the maximum. The most patient sat up late into the evening. Svyat’s mother has shared by the photo of the fireplace of boxes and cones of pumpkin seeds — they made it with her son, the idea was found in the Internet.

«The main thing is to count the loops! And it calms ...» the main, that was overheard between «do not bother: do not stray from the count and you close the light again» ... Everybody became more quiet to the evening – they taken a knitted miracle from the Children's, clearly to understand how it was made ...

New Year master class

It was a holiday today! In cooperation with the Kiev office of UNHCR (which kindly gave us the perfect Christmas tree), we conducted a master class on making decorations for our beauty! And our foreign guests tell us how people celebrate Christmas and New Year in their home countries, they sang songs with a guitar, and presented to kids little sweet presents!

And we have such a beautiful Christmas tree now!) Thank you all for the warm holiday!

There was nothing at first. )

Then a cute girl Tamara called from Kiev office UNHCR to Hotline SK with a proposal to hold a master class on making Christmas decorations. The main thing that I liked was that they have promised to buy for us a Christmas tree, and materials and presents for children :). And we didn’t have a tree exactly. And there were no toys. In general, we had nothing, but a bunch of kids and a great desire to make a holiday.

After a couple weeks of joint efforts in the organization today we received such a wonderful holiday.

Nadia Ryndina picked up the children of the right age from her wards. Lena Winnick bought probably the most beautiful Christmas tree in Kharkov. Alla Feshenko purchased materials. . Ekaterina Strelchenko brought a guitar — Wojtek sang ещ children Czech Christmas songs with a guitar. Svetlana Tisheninova held a master class as she did it always). Guests from UNHCR (there were representatives of Korea and Czech Republic, talked about the traditions of New Year celebrating in their home countries) brought even gifts. Thanks to all! I think it turned out great!

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