We need help again


I am writing rarely in recent days I’ve probably forgotten how to already.

I have no time to do to laptop. I steep as a squirrel in a cage every day, and it seems to me everything is in one place ...

In general, we need help again.

We settled a family a day before yesterday.

Very difficult family... 5 children. The youngest is 8 months old, the eldest — 10 years.

We need to resolve a lot of questions. With documents and benefits for children, and with a birth

certificate for the youngest daughter ... In general, it’s really hard...

Dear friends, if someone wants to bring food for children, I will be grateful. While we are working to put in order the documents and transfer it for registration the allowances, children need a little support ...

And, as before, we continue to collect everything that can be useful at home. Furniture, bedding, kitchen utensils ...

If you have something else suddenly, my friends, please, write !! ))

And we continue to distribute all that we’ve collected as usually)))

Thank you very much for any help!

P.S. Special thanks to Oleg, who brought a package of food for kids today!

And to wonderful Лиля Доброскок for the parcel! For help and support !!!

Olga Tarab, the cover was gone to the baby! Parents worn on the hands their sonny because there is no stroller yet. He’ll be walking in the warm now !!!

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