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Chuguevskaya Human Rights Group, together with volunteers of «Station Chuguev» understands that our main goal — is to help the internally displaced persons as by the legal, psychological counseling, and by the provision of humanitarian aid because of many people, leaving their home took a little due to first of all it was important to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones. In this regard, several representatives from both organizations visited v. Pechenegi on the 4-th of December this year in order to please them of some necessary household items. However, the greatest emphasis was placed to help IDPs by the legal advice. At this time, there were more than enough consultations, but what is the most surprising, whether displaced persons imbued with the soul to the locals, or vice versa, and this became a key factor, but the most frequently asked question was to obtain land in Pechenegi or anywhere in the district, they arranged to get some room, where they could grow roots and live with peace of mind. Some people spoke about the return home with great regret, many people simply do not understand how they can come back, if everything is looted, broken, destroyed and where to get means to restore that all.

People were interested and in the issues of employment, by the way, it is also due to the fact that people want to stay and do not move anywhere already. It should be noted the work the head of the Pechenejskiy employment center have done, who tried to help to the maximum number of people to get the coveted job. Also people frequently asked questions on outstanding loans. There is no secret that most of people who took out loans, before the war, now have enormous difficulties with banks. Our lawyers advised at first contact the hotline of the bank to all IDPs with similar problems, and then go to the bank and ask for a statement with requesting of the recalculation. However, everyone understands that the banks are not willing to do it, though, there are positive results.

At the end of the abovementioned meeting, our representatives of Chuguev human rights group and representatives of «Station Chuguev» pleased the people with the humanitarian aid and the various "buns" for children.

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