Second stage of cooperation with MobiDev. Thank you!

Many thanks to MobiDev for the invaluable help!!! The second stage of our cooperation passed! 19 families received help! It was purchased acutely necessary medicines, food, and much more...

We were able to help the mother with two kids (father dropped and returned to Lugansk) for rental housing. We helped to a woman with cancer from Kharkov to buy medicines.

We bought to the daughter of the deceased soldier a sedative (nervous breakdown after the funeral of her father.)

We bought a lot of medicines for children with special needs!!!

We bought to the reserve soldier-displaced person-orphan the restored drugs.

We sent a mother with cancer of 6-year-old girl to Kiev for treatment.

We bought a high-calorie and nutritious food, which a man with throat cancer have not seen for a year! His wife sobbed with happiness ...

Their dinner is cheese and butter ...

We gave people something even more important than money ... We showed them that they are not alone with their troubles. We are close, we are together! And together it is not so scary. Especially that together we are strong!

Thanks very much MobiDev!!! For the rays of hope in people's eyes!

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