New Year master class

It was a holiday today! In cooperation with the Kiev office of UNHCR (which kindly gave us the perfect Christmas tree), we conducted a master class on making decorations for our beauty! And our foreign guests tell us how people celebrate Christmas and New Year in their home countries, they sang songs with a guitar, and presented to kids little sweet presents!

And we have such a beautiful Christmas tree now!) Thank you all for the warm holiday!

There was nothing at first. )

Then a cute girl Tamara called from Kiev office UNHCR to Hotline SK with a proposal to hold a master class on making Christmas decorations. The main thing that I liked was that they have promised to buy for us a Christmas tree, and materials and presents for children :). And we didn’t have a tree exactly. And there were no toys. In general, we had nothing, but a bunch of kids and a great desire to make a holiday.

After a couple weeks of joint efforts in the organization today we received such a wonderful holiday.

Nadia Ryndina picked up the children of the right age from her wards. Lena Winnick bought probably the most beautiful Christmas tree in Kharkov. Alla Feshenko purchased materials. . Ekaterina Strelchenko brought a guitar — Wojtek sang ещ children Czech Christmas songs with a guitar. Svetlana Tisheninova held a master class as she did it always). Guests from UNHCR (there were representatives of Korea and Czech Republic, talked about the traditions of New Year celebrating in their home countries) brought even gifts. Thanks to all! I think it turned out great!

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