Master class «Crochet hats for children»

12 December. Dmitrievskaya, 25. Master class «Crochet hats for children» by Tatiana Sambueva. It was mentally: children helped their mothers and the hats became just wonderful 🙂 Watch for our announcements and we look forward to participating in the following workshops Svyat is not a fan of the cameras, but he participated by the maximum. The most patient sat up late into the evening. Svyat’s mother has shared by the photo of the fireplace of boxes and cones of pumpkin seeds — they made it with her son, the idea was found in the Internet.

«The main thing is to count the loops! And it calms ...» the main, that was overheard between «do not bother: do not stray from the count and you close the light again» ... Everybody became more quiet to the evening – they taken a knitted miracle from the Children's, clearly to understand how it was made ...

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