Huge thanks to Frizman!

Many thanks to company Frizman! Natasha and Anyutka, how much joy the women obtain when they tried on their new clothes!!! Throwing out all their sorrows, they posed as models. And our girls from warehouse rejoiced too ... They were glad that they were able for a moment made so many people happy ... And thanks for pillows and most importantly — for the idea to bring to work the displaced people A young boy Yukhim lives at our the hostel... He was deported from Russia ... While all his documents are drawn up again, he is not sitting idly by.He stuffs pillows in exchange for honestly earned money ... By the way, the message of our pillows had spread across Kharkov and region :)The idea is that after Yukhim stuffed pillows, my Anna had to take them to the workshop, where girls are sewing up a small space through which the pillows are filled ... But for now, no pieces got to the workshop yet 🙂 people carries with gratitude, happily reporting that they will sew up themselves:) Part of pillows went to Chuguev, part was «blurred» by Kharkov:) Yukhim continues to work:) All in business ... Kharkovites, you are the best !!!

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