Children’s room. We are preparing for the New Year holidays!

Dmitrievskaya 25. Children’s room. We are preparing for the New Year holidays! Thanks to airbrushing and body art studio «Blue Red» and Tanya Seluyanova for costumes for our kids. Aren’t they wonderful?!!

Moms will conjure a little and children will be simply not resistible. You should have seen how much glitz and excitement in the eyes when they tried-on. Those who are older, went down to the mirror. The younger melted from their reflection in their mother's eyes. Choosing dress to Evangeline was the longest: a lot fits by size, but it was difficult to convince to try. The girl with the character: «No !!!» — and do not come here ... We found this blue, convinced, dressed up ... took off with the protest. Then she tried another 5. Just a doll. Dad and mom disagreed. They took home 3 to wash and hem. And to choose that one which will pleased everyone.

Stas is a musketeer. Andrew and Mohammad are super heroes. Sonia and Vicka are just fairies ...

You can choose dresses and suits together the children near our Children’s. All the suit require mothers with hands and imagination: hem somewhere, wash something, add appliques and sequins, pat, starch and make the New Year for the kid a little magical.

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