A crazy day


People, isn’t it the 13-th today?! ...

Crazy day 🙁

We settled the family three days ago.

A man after a stroke, he does not walk and talk, requires constant care, his wife and son.

We found a good dormitory, we persuaded the hostess to wait for money, found the money to pay immediately, called to the IOM, asked to find a way to help these people with quickly payment for housing, found the car, took them out from our hostel, we have signed an agreement for a year, and we could be calm. But it was not there...

The hostess decided not to lease this housing to this family!

I hope she had a strong reason to require out during the day. Of course, we could not find another housing for such a short period of time, and I took them back to our hostel today.

We will continue to try to find a home to these people. There's a good boy, Ivan. He is a pupil in the ninth grade. He is caring for his father and helps her mother around. It's hard for him.

Then we moved Julia with Miroslava in a separate room, which was released after the departure of Vlad and his grandmother in Poland.

And then a magician Сергей Алексеев called us, who brought the gifts to all our kiddies.

We hid them, and we will put next to each kid in night, then in the morning kids will glad with visit of St. Nicholas !!

And today we’ve got a confirmation from our German friends. They conducted a campaign to collect gifts for the New Year. Everyone could bring everything he would like to present to our kids. As a result, 42 children will receive presents for the New Year. Everything is packaged and will travel on Sunday to the recipients!

Ah, I almost forgot! A power couple Lyudmila Vasyl’evna and Viktor Filippovich moved into a new apartment today too. They moved to an empty apartment. We found them what we could from the furniture, gave the mattress instead of the sofa, wardrobe, which they will gather at home, and we wished them to settle well in a new place.

Thank you, Анна Тимофеева, for the help !!! I would not cope without you today!!!

And our Лариса Веселянская let her wish recovery !!!

And let she back !! We can not be without her !!!

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