There are people behind every good deed

It seems only on the part that everything is fast, easy and of itself. But there are plenty of heroes in every such event.

For example:

1. Ukrainians from the American city Rochester (NY) financed the purchase of 20 new baby strollers. Many thanks to everyone, really miss you!

2. Inga, thank you for the gathering of preliminary information.

3. Jana, thank you very much for your help in the organization of the procurement process and in general for everything.

4. Many thanks to our permanent assistants in delivery and transportation of goods — Dmitriy, Sergey and Sergey, the driver. And, of course, thanks to Novaya pochta!

5. Olga and everyone who takes part in the process of issuing — thank you for your work!

P.S. Strollers will go to those who had already registered for them.

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