Station Kharkiv. September statistics

A small statistical report on our work in the Dmitra unit.
October was fruitful as for the help and support and as for the number of appeals.
We announced the collection of warm clothes … We thought that we «removed» 🙂 from the good people all unnecessary, and sometimes necessary ... But we were wrong! As soon as we left the post they immediately began to carry the mountains of warm clothes! We dress up all who need in Kharkov, and that is very important in the region too! We send clothes by Novaya Pochta to our units of assistance in the region!
Total in October on our unit at Dmitra 974 families got help. Of these, 252 are new families – it is 467 persons.
These people received food, clothes, household chemicals, things for children and much more …
That all is thanks to the help of ordinary people! Thanks you!
And I also want to say thanks to everyone who works at SK! We are like a beehive … Each has its own task and its own area of responsibility, and if in the heat of the day you walk on Dmytra you can see how our strange but effective mechanism works! And that's cool! We are a team! I am proud that I am part of this process !!!
And yet, yes! Together — we are strong!

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