Sonia, Yura, Veronica

Dmitrievskaya st., 25. The 4-th and 5-th of November.

«Our children» are in the photo. Sonia, Yura, Veronica ... Sonia lost her hearing a year ago. Now, the girl learns to speak again. Sonia reads well, counts and her mother hopes, and we believe Sonia will go to a regular secondary school next fall and everything will be good.

Everything will be great in a big and happy family of Jura and Veronica, alas, we couldn’t return them their house, their mother, but we love them as family and the lessons with speech therapist already gave good results. Books and workbooks from the publisher Factor will help them to prepare for school. Books and Encyclopedias for older children. Thanks again to Irina Pelipko and publisher Factor.

Girls and dolls. No comments. Just thank to all for children's toys, and even if not all the children can smile. All these dolls, bunnies and cars are the way to a normal childhood, which the war took away from them.

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