A master class on the modeling of salty dough, or Why and what for we do it

A master class on the modeling of salty dough was held on the 12 of November. It’s a real small holiday for our children. Besides modeling there were games, sweet table, fabulous Mad Hatter and a good dog Antey. It was possible to take pictures, hug with the dog-rescuer, to feed him and to see the demonstration of an ideal training. While young guests got acquainted with the dog, we have covered the sweet table.
The event was attended by journalists of two TV channels: ICTV and OTB and by the correspondent of Station Kharkov Olga Tarab.

Eva Gukalova writes:

A lot of people ask me why and what for we do it. I think it is enough to visit one of such events to understand and feel it, you need to see the eyes of these children. It can be said that such activities have a kind of «selfish» motive: on one hand we help the world become more and more similar to the one in which we want to live, on the other — the joy and sincere gratitude of these children charges and fills us with new forces, it helps us not give up and continue to work in spite of fatigue and emotional burnout. For me, the most vivid impressions of this day were two things: the first is a girl who was crying at the beginning of the event, she didn’t want to go into the room with a lot of yet strangers.Fortunately we could to persuade her. During the master class, her grandmother and she sculpted beautiful fruits of colored dough. A little girl thawed and simply lighted (she has totally magical smile). She leftoneof the latest, hugged at parting to teacher and promised to come again. Another girl and her mother admitted that they are very afraid of dogs. But adorable Antey and its owner Igor could break the ice: at the end of the meeting the mum bravely fed the dog with her hands, and the girl ventured to pet the dog. These small victories are inspired us to live and work on.

Thanks for the preparation and organization to Evgeniy Strukov, Lyudmila Seluyanova, seamstresses Um Karim, Ryndina Nadejda, Zina Zhdanova. Thanks to Igor Gutnik and Antey for the kindness and to charm and wonderful Hatter for a wonderful suit and a piece of fairy tale!
Thanks for the photos to Natalia Filatova
The project is implemented with the support of Українськийфонд «Благополуччядітей»andKinderhilfswerk ChildFund Deutschland. For the assistance in renting of premises thanks to Alla Feshenko and to the Commission's draftEU

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