Train station. Sunday. Tears 

October 4th. Kharkov. Railway station. Sunday. Tears. With Ирина Колоскова. Marina Vorontsova

A typical situation: a woman was took off at the border – there is no current photo. The tears, night at the station, the phone died, the passport office just tomorrow. A child with his grandmother left, there is no money ... We gave water, assorted the charging, charged the phone. Hooray, it is not dead and can receive calls. We gave our one to call to mom. Mother and daughter arrived at home ... Why the family returned to the Zone: the local «authority» is going to «sell» all not privatized apartments to the migrants from Russia ... As long as there is quiet, they wanted to take things and maybe sell some of property. We helped to settle up tomorrow in the hostel, gave a little food. Two hours later, having washed, ate, spoke once again with her mother the girl is almost smiling. Mom called to her friend and promised to send the money for the trip – borrowed again at neighbors. It is a quite banal story for every station. But for a year through each of such story War goes.

Autumn again. A couple days later will be freezing at night. We really need warm clothes and shoes. And runny noses and cough again: nose drops and cold remedies. Tea, sugar, honey, cookie.

Thanks to everyone who brings us food and other things for the second year. We dress and feed transit migrants and pass things on our point of delivery at Dmitrievskaya st., 25.

Kharkov. Railway station. Since 9 am. to 6 pm. from Monday to Friday, and since 9 am. to 5 pm. on weekends …


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