Our little stars in class


September 30th. October 1st. Our Stars: Cyril, Sofia and Vlada. We found the wonderful exercise books. They have sticks, circles and everybody makes numbers easily. Our Sonia is the most attentive and diligent. This girl makes all the tasks not just accurately but quickly. (Sonia has hearing loss, which doctors have saw very late, more than a year there in a combat zone and here, they gave the girl recipes of droplets and redirected her to other specialists. Now Sonia hears well and learning to speak again with a speech therapist and pathologist. Alas, the pathologist can receive Sonya free only 15 minutes twice a week. Our speech therapist works with a girl for an hour almost every day. Plus our classes. Mom really wants the girl goes to regular school next year. Sonia draws perfectly, writes letters and numbers on the cell, she knows the letters. Alas, ringing and hissing sounds Sonia hardly hear and it is difficult for her to distinguish them. We really need a good speech therapist pathologist for Sony — her mother is ready to engage in days, alas, they have difficulties with the money.

They rent an apartment and now the price raises like for everybody. Plus autumn and cold: we have lack in stock again in warm coats and shoes for children).

Kirill and Vlada «have sang» — they contest: who will respond faster and louder. Vera, Veronica and Kristina are mastered yet. Veronica is four, but she went to us this summer. Tasks for 6 year bonds were too difficult and Veronica simply colored numbers and letters and painted flowers... But the sign «more», «less», «equal» she makes well already, and we still consider and compare with the group only by the subjects: dices, pencils, boys — girls.

Mathematics in any weather, and English with the kids and the most senior.

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English, German, Ukrainian, mathematics, physics, history of Ukraine. Preparing children for school: paintings, counting, reading, writing, English for kids.

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