The Meeting with Geoffrey R. Pyatt, US Ambassador at Station Kharkov

Today the US ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt came to our point. Volunteers of Station Kharkov told him about the state of affairs at the moment. The meeting was attended by coordinators of assistance directions; people who fled from the war; SSEU representatives (one of the few public services that supports us all the time. Thanks to Alexander Volobuev and Sergey Shcherbina for teamworking). Geoffrey R. Pyatt assessed the scale of the war consequences and promised to assist in the struggle for peace in Ukraine.

The meeting went well. We talked a lot. : -b
Geoffrey R. Pyatt, US ambassador is in the center of the composition))

And seriously — they want to understand why it happened, and they are ready to support us and in every possible way to contribute a cessation of hostilities, they realize that the well-being and prosperity of «mainland Ukraine» is the only thing that can help to reconcile...

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