Successfully looking for positive things 

And I'm not in vain traveled to Kiev !!!

Here's a new thing I afford to buy: canvas, handmade … well, I’m really happy!!!

Olena Rozskazova, greetings to you from Donata Haselnuss and Ruby Krusday. Girls were at the seminar, they wrote to me, and we met in the evening, we talked with pleasure. They are very interested in how we do, how we live and work, what positive changes have happened …

Do you remember the story about the guy who came to get a passport, and he was told to wait a month?

So, the passport is received, and Daniel — a citizen of Ukraine. This is that he and his mother were to so long …

And I get this message:

«Goodnight, Marinochka! Thank you for your heart, for your soul, for your kindness! Thank you for participating in our life, our difficult life at the moment, but thanks to people like you, we believe that all the good things we have yet to come!!! Be healthy, live in love and peace!!!

Luganskaya oblast, Rovenki, Kuznetsova Larisa. Thanks again for everything!»

When I dropped my hands, run out of power, and everything at all, one man (I wiil certainly talk about this separately) said to meб «Seek positive! And that you caught — will be only for your personal use. Nobody has ever counted the positive people ever, which you created. Count them yourself.»

And I am honestly looking for positive. And yes, it really helps !!!!

I advise everyone, my friends!

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