Schedule of visits of our mobile team for September, 28—30th

Olga Averina writes

Schedule of visits of our mobile team for the next week:

September, 28, 2015 y. — Velikorogozyanskaya village council;

September, 29, 2015 y. — Svіtlichinskaya village council;

September, 29, 2015 y. — Udyanskaya village council;

September, 30, 2015 y. — Oleksandrіvskaya village council;

September, 30, 2015 y. — Lyutіvskaya village council

Report of a mobile group

Many people who are interested in our mobile groups, mistakenly think that here we are arrived, and they give us and a table and a chair and everything is so grandly and nobly. Not half, comrades.

Our first point of the week — Pesochin.

Not having to cross the threshold of the village council, we learn that there is no room for our reception there and experts of SK basically accustomed to work in the «field» prepared to conduct a reception in the lobby.

And the more pleasant is the fact that among the IDPs were found very active and enjoyable Valentin Viktorovitch, who nevertheless «beaten out» a room, which it seems to be «like a piano in the bushes» was waiting in the wings.

There were many people, there were a lot of problems, but it can be overcome when you feel that somebody is waiting for you, for your help and there is the support and understanding, the feeling that things are not just for show and nice report. In general, we liked it)))

Our special and sincere thanks to the Kharkiv regional center of social services for families, children and youth, in the person of Buckuy Elena Yurievna and to social workers Gobay Tomilla Vladimirovna, Homichek Marina Alexandrovna and Vnukova Galina Stepanovna for assistance in the operation of the mobile group of Station Kharkov.

There was also Pokotilovka, Tsirkuni, Rogan’ and Rogan’ Malaya.

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