Positive and flash mobs are over and the usual routinebegan

Last week I paid rent for another month for disabled elderly people from the Luhanskayaoblast, who are on treatment here. Of course, they would like to stay here, but the math is such that their two pensionsare 2600 and housing is 2300. It will be great if we will find an opportunity to pay their housing next month too,I do not want to think that they will have to leave.

Positive and flash mobs are over and the usual routinebegan.

Yesterday I visited my ward disabled resettler, brought her products. She saddened me that she had an attacka couple weeks ago, an ambulance said that she is in the state before stroke, it is necessary to go to the hospital, so she knows this fact, but there is no money for medicines and meaning to go to, respectively, there is no too. I took a list of drugs,made photo of diagnosis, it can not be read, we will think what to do.

Thanks to everyone who help.

I would like positive and flash mobs again.

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