Official Statistics of the New Сountdown Project in Kharkov

Thanks to partners, investors, authors and participants of the project !!!

Official Statistics of the New Countdown Project,
also Known as 'Station of Success' in Kharkov

62 projects were submitted at the contest.

33 projects (53.2%)among them will be financially supported, while the plan was 25 projects.

Of them:

— In the category «Small startup» 15000 UAH — 13 projects (39.4%);

— In the category «Average startup» 45000 UAH — 13 projects (39.4%);

— In the category «Large startup» 90000 UAH — 6 projects (18.2%);

out the categories 40000 UAH. — 1 project (3%).

Of them:

Grants from Fund «Vidrodjennya» get — 20 projects (60.6%);

Grants from private investors — 11 projects (33.4%);

Co-financing from several private investors — 1 project (3%);

Co-financing from Fund «Vidrodjennya» and private investors — 1 project (3%).

The total amount of funding of projects is 1360000 UAH, it was planned 1050000 UAH (129.5%)

The «Station of Success» in the programNew countdown” – opportunities for resettlers implemented jointly by the Ассоциация Частных Работодателей and Станция «Харьков» supported by Міжнародний фонд «Відродження» in partnership with Харківська обласна служба зайнятості.


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