More than 20 requests to 5 pm. Almost all of them are about an accommodation

June, 28. Kharkiv. Railway station. Constitution Day or the country left for the weekend until Tuesday again ...
More than 20 requests to 5 pm. Almost all of them are about an accommodation.
A Mother and her 17-years old son are looking for an apartment in Kharkov. The son will be studying here, his mother found a job in Kharkov.
A Mother and four children, spent the night in the Express, phoned the owner and go back to the rental housing. An owner promised to solve the conflict with the neighbor. But the situation when they were been kicked out of an apartment may be repeated any moment and a mom is looking for options.

Disabled man with mom born in 1941, came for the treatment, they plan to continue their trip by Ukraine. Thanks to MOE, they settled them in tercenter.

Two women went to Kiev yesterday – transit to Kiev ... the weekend, summer problems with the tickets ... we listen about what they think of the government (we agree on most items) ... we give into the hands the resettler's handbook with hotline phone: 0 800 507 309 — Tell them everything !!!! They abandon all, even water. «And why you don't love us so much…»

A grandma is waiting for an answer from the modular towns in Dnepropetrovsk and Krivoy Rog. She arrived in the morning. She needs to wait until Tuesday. We settled  her temporarily to tercenter. Everything is good, they took her, thanks to all. But he is gone for a walk at the peaceful Kharkov. She is full of optimism and faith in tomorrow.

Mom with a baby, all in tears, they were been took off the bus at border. Her mother called her — she feels bad, the daughter has jerked to take out mom ... she doesn't have a certificate of a single mother, social security gave only excerpt, she can't cross the border with it. We calm down her, all the papers are available at the Civil Registry Office. Registry Office will work on Tuesday ... Luckily there is an accommodation where to stay these days at Kharkov. Pampers and water to a child. Pamphlets with phones – to mum ... and phones of the evacuators ifor emergencies.

A grandmother, mother and granddaughter ... they are on the road more than a day. They bought tickets themselves. They are sleeping in a hotel before the train...

A few more questions on housing, to paste pictures due to age, to restore passport with full ground ...

Thanks to Анна Тимофеева, she fed everyone with the homemade dinner.
It's the photo of Anna Ponteleevna – she brought clothes and pillows, as much from Drujby Narodov st. Алексей Бугаев gave us children's clothes from shares near Duffy. A young lady brought the rattles and clothes for the babies.
Thanks to everyone who help us! Summer heat: we need – juices for children, water for the road, small moisturizing napkins, tea biscuits. Peace for all of us!
Олена Якименко, Анна Пироженко and Kate were on duty. Special thanks to EMERCOM employee Dima.

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