Medicine report. May 8, 2015

Reports. Continue:

The balance on the card for the previoud period 6 377.04 UAH and $ 1,900 and 570.5 euros.
Replenishing the card on MAY, 8:

05/08/2015 12:43 398.00 UAH — Replenishing in the terminal, Kharkov, Proskury st., 3-B, a bank branch. (tel. 38) ** 283) Thank you!

Total 398.00 UAH.

Many thanks to everyone who help us all this time!

Expenses (see. Checks):


Total 1211.42 UAH.

The balance on the card: 5563.62 UAH and $ 570.5 and 1900 euros.

Previous report on the card:

To be continued.

Your Eva Gukalova aka Elena Goncharova

Report on the card 5168 7420 1847 7749 (Elena Goncharova) for 05/08/2015. It was been spent 1211.42 UAH during this period. We bought medicines with these money for the girl with a rare disease — Behcet's disease, for Dima from Lugansk, who lies in RCH 1 and for Christina with periodontitis. The tooth, which became the cause of the inflammation was removed and now there is a control dropper. Thanks to everyone who help resettlers.

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