Joyless Information from Station Sport

Joyless information from Station Sport.


The storeroom of Station Kharkov which contained our «rental» bikes was robbed the night before last.
The three bikes Formula Magnum, presented to us by UCBI, had been stolen.
All the bikes are marked – there are engraved designations СХ11, СХ12 and СХ13 on the frames, the engraves were painted at the top by the dark green rectangle (the sample is in the last photo).

Two of the three stolen bicycles have slight defects:

** There is no lever and no cable of the front derailleur at the first one;
** Another has damaged thread on the left rod and pedal is poorly kept.

We submitted a statement to the police.

Everyone who is not indifferent please take note and  disseminate this information.

Unfortunately, we are forced to stop work of Station Sport due to lack of equipment. We have just three bicycles – one for adults, one for a teenager and one for a child. We will try to provide an opportunity to ride these ones to at least some of those who have already registered and waiting for their turn.

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