First days of September

1-11 of September.
The first ten days of September, and 189 people appealed to the Station Kharkov only for legal assistance.

And the colder it gets outside, the more old people, mothers with infants we have, and more and more people who left their houses every day. And we understand it is cold, hunger and there is no future there.

What do they all want?

Old people — they want quick renewal of pensions, recovery of documents which were burnt in the shelling, subsidies, medical care at the new place of residence, respect to their age — they don't want boorishness and neglect of officials, humiliating questionings on the subject «Do you get two pensions both our and in rubles?» or «Are you sure disabled or bought identity?». And it is hard to look at their tears and to convince that they are not a burden, that they are not alone and they will be help sure.

An elderly woman came to the reception, she was completely gray, with dull eyes and constantly apologetic. Her son, a miner, he is after 50, he can't go after a stroke in 2011, he needs constant care and medicines. He was in a hospital with the sharp deterioration of health a month ago last time. And here it is a beautiful excerpt with a «two-headed chicken» and the proud inscription «----- the city hospital №3 of Donetsk People's Republic," I see a list of ten items, and not the most cheap medicines.

And it was difficult to find at the pharmacy at their residence even analgin. And the fact his mother came to renew his pension, get get a certificate of a resettler, to find an accommodation and pick up an only child in Ukraine and to provide him care and treatment. But here an official comes, these documents confirming the heavy condition of the person for the entire period from 2011 to the present day are not enough for him, he needs a power of attorney, and even notarial. Please explain me what a notary in his right mind and how will give a power of attorney in the UNCONTROLLABLE territory? And they can't help her without her darling and they politely advise to go back and try to survive THERE.

And yes, these people have Station Kharkov, volunteers, they have MES and you, our friends — Kharkovities, that is proving once again that nothing is impossible, and we hope he son will be brought to his mother in the coming days, and everything will be fine.

And mother with kids. As a rule, all of them have problems with the children's documents, with obtaining the status of a single mother, somebody doesn't have a birth certificates of children at all, and the birth we set with the help of court. It means that they are not protected socially for some time, they have no money, no possibilities to dress up children in the winter, they do not receive pediatrician medical care, there is no place in a kindergarten or at school for them.

And actually they all are so different and absolutely the same at the same time: they want JUST respect, understanding, participation, protection and, the most important, PEACE.

And that is in our power! After all, we are the one family, one country and the same — Ukrainians!

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