A few stories


«Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today — a gift of fate»

I want to tell you a few stories today 🙂

The first story is about the Kharkov children.

A fund to support the combatants in the ATO area and IDPs was created in one of the high schools of Kharkov. It was created by pupils and even has a name — «Children of Ukraine».

Twelve-years children gather aid for those who left their homes and had to look for a peaceful heaven in our city. The guys bring and convey to us that they are able to find — notebooks and albums, shoes, clothes, toys and backpacks, pasta and markers ...

Guys – you are our future, which is already a great gift today! Thank you very much! Мария Кошкина

Second Story

Olga. Olga Pischel

The idea to send children who survived the horrors of war, to relax, to visit Europe conceived in the spring. Thank Кира Джафарова and Рындина Надежда (I sent to Germany that your kids photos. Your pictures were able to pass a whole bunch of feelings that we experienced, seeing the eyes of the children who came from the ATO area.) Thanks to Olya, three groups of children visited Germany in the summer. But the story is not over. Olya helped to gather and send us a lot of the necessary — wheelchairs, bed linen, toys, shoes, clothes, dishes, and very, very much that people need. Olechka, thank you very much!

And some statistics.

Now we keep counts of appealed persons (including) and in 5 districts of Kharkiv region.

Since 10 to 23 of September 742 families appealed. Of these, 253 families – newcomers, these are 504 persons, 418 of them — in Kharkov, 86 — in districts.

These figures give hope 🙂 Peace and all good to everyone!

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