A Diaper Day

Thanks to Fatima Bagirova, the company «Timm» and to all not indifferent friends for so much-needed support.

And, most importantly, it is very helpful as always.

 Fatima Bagirova writes:

A diaper Day)) We brought today 40 packs of diapers to ‪#‎СХ. Alice Venev “shouted” whisper: «Hurrah! Four's!» It's pleasant to bring the necessary things)) We are always glad to help do everything that is in our forces. Julia, here you are on your request infant formula Malish and cereal Malishka in the amount of 74 pieces.

Thanks to my wonderful colleagues and friends))  Ann ZhyltsovaTetiana SudakMarina LegkaElena EremenkoAndrey BizinMichael Bolotoff Valik Rudayev Julia Lykhvar Victor Chernovaty Olga BalakhchiOlga NesterenkoAlexey Luchkovsky Eugene Muzyka and ‪#‎TEAM for regular generosity that makes possible to help.

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