«Station of Rights» started since August

A small project  started since August, we hope it gets a great development. With the support of IMF at the «Station Kharkov»  started «Station of Rights». It's a project, which aims to overcome the fear of dealing with officials and receiving skills to assert the rights in all instances relying on the knowledge of the legislation.

We hope that people who grew up in a different, more rigid, inhuman system will win and ignorance in matters of rights and their fear of dealing with officials. We believe that knowledge is the power which will help IDPs under the law effectively assert their rights and build the new state of law together.

Yes, the project will be implemented in three points: Kharkov, based on «Station» Kharkiv", in Chuguev—"Station Chuguev"—point of supporting the resettlers and Izum—point of support “Under the arches".

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