Our Weekdays at Dmitrievskaya, 20

Marina Vorontsova writes:

Dear friends, I have a dilemma ...
There are things that can not be told because they can hurt those whom they relate to.

And if I can not tell it like it is, what right arguments I need to bring?

In general, a mom with three charming kids lives here. And they need help now.

Our lawyers just have finished gathering papers for the court to change the younger Lisa's birth certificate issued in the dnr. It means that there will be no payouts at least for two months.

Please a little support young, but very good mother Tanya and her children ... They have now really difficult period ((

She did not ask anything, this is my personal request. If you have any questions, welcome to the PM, friends.

And another mom with Sofiya, do you remember? She was displaced to the medical institution  outside the city. They will come to Kharkov in a week, and I will give them everything you brought. Timofeeva Natalia, Елена Егорова and Tetyana Chetverikova thank you very much !!!

I wrote already that we received a parcel from Volodymyr Chernov , that is why our wards were very happy.

So it was a day of new things for everyone))

There were clothes for adults and bedclothes in the parcel, it is very, very valuable today !! Thank you!

Fiends of Сергей Алексеев and Татьяна Вычегжанина brought us clothes for children.
In general, everyone has dressed up)))

The foreign volunteers settled in our house. They help out everyone sooo much !!

These guys have time to sit with kids, giving their mothers time to rest, and to cook their national and really delicious dinner for everyone, and invite everyone to the park and to the camp, and to the CX at the children's room, and everywhere where it is necessary, to do all work.

We have not had  such assistants for a long time)))

What else?..

Larisa came for a moment. She is now very rare guest here, unfortunately, she has a lot of problem tasks... but she is not less welcome in our house! )

Sergey Alexeev brought another refrigerator. Because there are so many people today, the two ones are no longer cope.

Thank you for that care about us ...
And we wanted to change a light bulb for him for it, and we nearly dropped a ceiling ... all ...
And how he can tolerate us, eh? ...
I have no idea)))
Come to us on a spark necessarily, dear friends.
We are always glad to see you !!!

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