August 10th. Playroom

August 10th. Dmitrievskaya st., 25. First-graders read, count, write, speak. Classes with speech therapist. Child psychologist. We are preparing for the first class. There are 15 kids in a Children room a day. 7 boys and 8 girls. UN with a group from our Employment Centre and Kyiv Employment Centre, UNICEF... Guests from Kiev promised to announce to the governor that there are resettlers in the city and in the regions, and they have problems that the local and regional authorities and would must to solve, and we like very muc

h the governor find the time and triy to meet and talk in the second year of the war…We'd like very much our officials just work and performed their duties without magic footer... Alas, each certificate and the seal with the battle, blood and tears yet. The simplest questions can be solved only by a regional headquarters.

It's the 1-st of September soon. We are waiting for: free hostels for students from the ATO area, free meals for children of resettlers and school textbooks... and a lot more that was been promised when the Commissioner was here.
In the meantime, we collect and give books and toys.
Special thanks today for a fantastic set of children's educational books!!!

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