«Postman of good deeds» at v. Peski Radkovskie


Today, our team has worked a «Postman of good deeds» at v. Peski Radkovskie Borovskoy district. We delivered to small «recipients» the presents, which purchased and packed with great kindness and involving !

Huge thanks including Алена Артакова for immediate help and participation.

The «presents» were for 27 children. We didn’t find at home three of them (they’ll come to us in Izyum)

and 4 kids left without jackets due to small size. As we have already the «prepared» from Peski Radkovskie we’ll «picked up» the other kids / I apologize for the confusion :) and we’ll deliver them personally.

I want to thank Station Kharkiv particularly, especially Ирина Гаевая for the help and the organization:)

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