A long day at the station


Today I had a long day at the station.

First there was a deported guy from Russia born in 92-year. He worked at Podolsk as a realtor for almost four years, and suddenly «he was caught, was arrested.» He served in the slammer and was expelled. He went to Kiev, tried to correct his documents — failed. He met a taxi driver his countryman, who promised to help, resulting he deceived and robbed him. Summary: people there are very, very different, everybody trust each other, and here ... Well, we began to think, what to do with him with a fool. At that time an old lady came. She goes from Ivano-Frankovsk to Kupyansk with her granddaughter, she asked for tickets to the toilet. Word for word, it turns out that they are from Pervomaysk, her granddaughter is a disabled, the grandmother suffered during the evacuation, and her daughter had recently died in the burn center. They made her four operations, but could not save.

Granddaughter does not know that her mother is no longer alive, but badly cries when it comes talking about her, and then she has an attack — epilepsy. She doesn’t get the medicines for some time because of grandmother’s pension is only 900 UAH, and medications are expensive, «one is Polish, one is German.» They rent an unheated housing in Kupyansk, and «Liza spend all days sitting on a bed in a blanket.» I became frightened and started call to Olena Garmash, she told pass her contacts to the grandmother, and Ira Koloskova began call to Kupyansk to their volunteers.

Meanwhile that deported youngster with open mouth and bulging eyes listened the grandmother’s story about how it has filled up her with exposed beams in a burning house how she begged her daughter to throw her and her daughter still tried to pull her mother out from under the rubble, and her blouse was a synthetic, the burning roof collapsed. The grandmother cried and showed again and again how Svetochka was holding hands in front of her she tilted her head. And now she need to bury a casket, and where? The priest says a prayer can not be ordered until the funeral, and she can not die, who will stay with her granddaughter, and her heart began hurt and a broken burnt leg hurts, and why the Lord took away her daughter, and not her? And crying and crying.

Then the woman who needed a lawyer came.

Then suddenly a poor guy returned from Krivoy Rog who went a day before yesterday in a modular town recently liberated by the decision of the European Court. We honestly tried to help him with housing and a job, he has a good profession. But there is no dormitory at one factory, the other doesn’t paid a salary since June, in the third place it is necessary to have own instruments. Well, he agreed to leave. And there he was not accepted without registration in the ATO area. And he doesn’t have registration, because after his release he was given a new clean passport. Well he went to the hostel, he will continue to look for a place under the sun. Still the man is on the loose, that's good.

Then there was a young woman with two little kids. She returns from the Kherson region in her native Sverdlovsk, they did not lodge her in the Express because she also doesn’t have registration. And she doesn’t have it because she was discharged from the brother’s house, her brother was going to buy a new one, but then the war began, she grabbed her children and pulled. And where do they go? They went to the hostel.

The next item in our program was a lady from Lugansk, who wanted us to make her a permit to the zone. She was dissatisfied, he said that LPR make a permit for a day, not like we are here. She got the coordinates and numbers of the SBU, instructions and best wishes.

Than a man came, he asked for help to find a number of lost friend of his brother. I found. He gone. He returned with bananas. He said he unaccustomed of humane treatment, he said he did not encountered with such for a long time. He found his brother’s friend, he’s glad.

And then an old lady Maria Vasil’evna born in 1940 came. And her husband did not came he said that he was ashamed to beg. She stayed with us for a long time. She told me that they want to go to relatives in Belarus that they were hoping to get in Oshchadbank their pensions and salary of her husband, but that did not work out and they are completely without resources now. Accidentally they met a friend in Kharkov at the station, and he lend them the money for the tickets.

The train will be tomorrow at five in the morning, so we sent them to the soft room to sleep and gave some food that we had. While we were talking a gay from the waiting room came to us and put the money, he said: «I see what you're doing!» Thank you dear! Thank you all — psychologist Inna, to emergency employee Vitaliiy, to our Koloskova Ira and Nastya Bezrodnova.

Mariya Vasil’evna told about shootings, about the horrible death in front of her neighbor's girl with her grandmother, about weapons, about the Cossacks and militias, about a difficult long way to Kharkov. In the middle of her story she was suddenly attacked by an awful hunch: «Are you, perhaps, for Ukraine?» Yes, we are for Ukraine that is right. She smiled, then wiped her tears. An old.

Than a tramp came, he wanted sweets and sweet water, invited us to a worship, he said Kernes refused to be a head and he is now in his place. You are welcome!

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