What we've done this month (March, 2015)

Natalia Nenasheva

Last month I've got a lot of help and support from those of my friends and my friends' friends who might not speak English,

so let me also make a post in English.

Firs of all, thank you so much! All the people from the US, Germany, Poland, Mexico, Russia, Israel and Ukraine.
Anna Tomson, Andrea Laštovková, Gonzalo Vinssac Rayado, Inna Blank, Irene Michlin, Jewgenij Keis,
Natalia Malinko Koloda de Juarez, Natalia Kantor, Richard Stehlík, Tereza Švejnohová, I am not sure you can read Russian,
so let me thank you here!

Altogether we've collected $1,680.

Well, I need to say that most of this money has been spent.
What I've turned them into is:

— 750 spread cheese bars that have made a great stuffing for 1,500 patties for refugees who are now living in Romashka.
— 250 kilos of cottage cheese for breast-feeding mothers, children and pregnant in the Romashka settlement and at the house for temporary stay in Kharkiv.
— 430 kilos of meet for Romashka (this may seem a lot, however even if all the meet has been eaten by now this
would make only 55 grams per person a day (430 kilos by 300 people by 26 days)
— 340 litres of sunflower-seed oil and 220 kilos of buckwheat that we given to the refugees in Karkov as a part of their one-time grocery aid
— 14 kilos of cheese and 20 kilos of sausages for sandwiches that volunteers make for refugees at the support desk at the Kharkiv train station.

Why have I chosen these places?

Romashka settlement and and the house for temporary stay in Kharkiv are both places where people mostly stay for the first
couple of month while they get their papers done, find some work and a place to live in. There are not «professional refugees»,
who only wait for others to provide them with everything.

One-time grocery aid is provided only once to help people to live through the first time. People in Romashka don't get it.

Sandwiches at the train station help people to live through the time of waiting while they can go further in Ukraine or find
a settlement in Kharkiv. If you've once seen a face of a child who has not seen neither cheese nor sausages since last summer when
they get the sandwich, you'd know what I mean.

If we won't be so short of money next month I'd dream to give some grocery help to orphanages where children from the
battle zone are living now. (Once you right a post that people see, a lot of them come to help, but others write to ask for help).
If you want your money to be spent specifically for some purpose, please let me know.

So, I was asked to give 50 euro of the money received to help with medication for the new-borns. Within the last two days
I've spent 125 dollars for the purpose to help one very special baby-patient from the battle zone (the baby initially had no ventricle (as far as I could understand),
doctors have made the surgery but some medicine had to be bought).
There was no way for me to say, 'Sorry, there is only 50 euro and we cannot help with the rest'.

Actually, we can help. You can help. And I really appreciate it.
Below is a couple of pictures of our help from the Romashka settlement and a pregnant mum at the house for temporary stay in Kharkiv

Please let's go on with the support of the needy. (Please share, if yo feel that your friends could relate to us)

Privat Bank Card: 5363 5423 0083 6898 Nenasheva Nataliya
Webmone — USD Z155430009618
PayPal — natalia.bushmanova@gmail.com

This post is also available in: Russian

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  1. Hi, Chris,

    you can come to us: ul. Karla Marksa, 2/15, Kharkiv, Ukraine, and just ask. Tel. +38 (066) 69-49-678. Please, keep tuch with Eva Gukalova on Facebook, if you have any questions.

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